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What is CREW?

Similar to many other well known trademarked systems in the industry, there is a small mandatory monthly fee of CAD $25 per month for all Bellyfit® Instructors to maintain their teaching status.

This mandatory fee gives you access to a member-only online platform called CREW.
CREW = Creative Resources to Empower Women

CREW is loaded with fresh, fabulous bellyfit® choreography videos, music mixes and loads of marketing materials created exclusively for bellyfit® Instructors! Everything you need to pack and teach awesome classes.

Once you've registered for CREW and paid the $30 set-up fee, we'll give you instant access to this amazing library of resources. There is nothing else like it in the industry! 

In addition to the essential resources such as moves, music and marketing materials, all of our CREW members are also given a customized online profile with photos, bio, contact info, class schedule and more. This unique instructor profile along with our Class Finder ensures that participants can find your classes through the bellyfit website, thereby filling up classes and keeping them full.

The CREW system is an integrated, easy to use and secure online system. CREW Members have access to these continuously updated resources on a daily basis allowing you to create smart, highly effective exercise classes, week after week.

Becoming a CREW Member is required and is the only way to maintain your 'Instructor' status and your right to use the Bellyfit name, System and branding. The fee for your CREW membership is very reasonable and competitive compared to other such systems. Your commitment to maintaining the Bellyfit standard of instruction is essential to the safety and success of your participants, and to the long term sustainability of your classes.

When you invest in yourself and your community by becoming a Bellyfit Instructor and CREW Member, you are given the tools and the skills to inspire women through the power of movement, music, community, culture and more. The rewards are priceless.

Sitll have questions? See our CREW FAQ for more information.

Personalized, World Class Support

Whatever your query, big or small - our highly trained support team will ensure that you feel supported in all areas of your Bellyfit® venture. From musicality to marketing, we've got you covered.

One-of-a-kind, DJ-mixed Music

Created exclusively for our Instructors, Bellyfit® Music is on the leading edge of what's possible in a moving, sonic landscape.

Cutting Edge Choreography

Explore hours of customized moves and grooves guaranteed to inspire you and your participants time and time again!

Masterful Marketing

Use our super cool promo tools so you can spend less time making posters and more time making people sweat.