Bellyfit Sage Movement Module-product image

Bellyfit Sage Movement Module

Bellyfit Sage™ is a very unique class format designed for women who are seeking a gentler, more customized form of movement that honours their sensuality,...
Bellyfit Instructor Training Course-product image

Bellyfit Instructor Training Course

Includes Bellyfit Foundation Course and Bellyfit® Movement Module Bellyfit Foundation Course  This part of the Bellyfit Instructor Training Course will give you the foundation knowledge...
Elements Earth - Music Compilation-product image

Elements Earth - Music Compilation

Compiled by DJ Rowan, Bellyfit's Musical Director, this album is the soundtrack to the Bellyfit Elements Earth instructional video (DVD and Digital Download). The songs...
Elements Spirit Download-product image

Elements Spirit Download

Bellyfit Spirit™ is an inspiring full body cardio workout that will get you connected, fully embodied and radiantly alive! A celebration and integration of all...
Elements Air Download-product image

Elements Air Download

Bellyfit Air™ is a fun, high energy,  full body cardio workout that will get the sweat flowing and the calories burning!  Uplifting, deeply moving and...
Elements Fire Download-product image

Elements Fire Download

Bellyfit Fire™ is an intense full body cardio workout that will bring out the Spiritual Warrior within. Full powered, fierce and fabulous!! Killer soundtrack of...
Elements Water Download-product image

Elements Water Download

Bellyfit Water™ is an incredible full body cardio workout like nothing you’ve seen before. Super sexy, core sculpting and full of sass!! Hip shakin’ soundtrack...
Elements Earth Download-product image

Elements Earth Download

Thousands of people across the globe are already loving the original Bellyfit Earth™ video that started the Bellyfit Movement! This enhanced version now includes a...
Bellyfit Elements™-product image

Bellyfit Elements™

Bellyfit Elements includes five body sculpting, spirit lifting, consciousness raising workouts with Cardio, Strength and Stretch.  Have an awesome time while sweating, getting a great...
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At Bellyfit HQ, we are working on a lot of projects! In advance of having our own line of in-house apparel, we have decided to...