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Victoria, BC Canada

Tamara Logan

My Bio

Tamara Logan. 
With love in her heart and sparkle in her soul, Tamara seeks to move and inspire those around her. Described as “sparkly” and energetic, Tamara’s training includes Bellyfit®, Poledance for Fitness, Groove Movement™, BCRPA Fitness Theory, Weight Training and Group Fitness modules as well as 500hr YTT with the S.O.Y.A and a variety of workshops and teachers throughout the years.  Bellyfit® found its way into her life in 2007 when she met Alice and Rowan at lululemon on their first “tour” with Bellyfit®.  She attended the first ever teacher training in November 2007, and the Master Trainer Training in 2010.  She has been teaching at least 2 ( and up to 5) classes a week since 2009
As Master Trainer, she has trained Instructors throughout Canada, with a visit to the US and Norway, which sent out Bellyfit® instructors to Germany, Denmark and Italy.

She is currently following her dreams and heart path towards wholistic sexuality coaching with the Tantric Institute for Integrated Sexulality while continuing to teach Bellyfit.

“No matter what kind of a day i have had, Bellyfit® always makes it BETTER!”  ~Tamara Logan

Tamara is delighted and excited to be a part of YOUR Bellyfit® experience, to guide and inspire you to greatness in your own life!

Why Bellyfit:

An outlet, permission to be sensual.  A place to be safe and sweaty!  We get so caught up in daily life that we often forget our feminine selves.  Let the goddess play!

My journey to Bellyfit began when my marriage broke down.  I found fitness.  I trained myself, then wanted to train others.  I learned to teach PoleDance in Kelowna, and was taught for about 2 years. My Bellyfit journey began when I met Alice, and Bellyfit changed my life.  I found strength in softness and ferocity in my feminine side.  I teach between 2-5 Bellyfit classes a week with a wonderful crew of women who are with me in class and in my life because of this MOVEMENT.  My life ROCKS! thanks ALICE AND ROWAN and your amazing CREW.


Classes with Tamara

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