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Victoria, BC Canada

Joann Thompson

My Bio

I was born in Bandon and after graduating from Pacific High School I married my best friend Rob and continued my education and earned my A.S. Degree in Business Management/Marketing from Southwestern Oregon Community College while also earning my ACE fitness certification and teaching aerobics at the local health club.

We have one son Joshua who was born while I was beginning my studies at Linfield College. I graduated with a B.S. Degree in Management.

I am a Multi-Award Winning Bellydance Performer (solo, troupe, & duet). My dance accomplishments also include:
*MEDGE (Middle Eastern Dance Guild of Eugene) performance audition approved!
*2015, 2016, 2017, & 2018 Shimmy Mob Team Lead in Coos Bay

I currently teach group Bellyfit classes on Monday’s from 5:30-6:30pm at
Top Dog Coffee Company
3077 Broadway, North Bend OR 97459
North Bend, OR & livestream online

$61.50 fall term
September 24 - November 26, 2018 (excluding November 12th holiday)

Cash or credit/debit card

Phone: 541-297-4052
Email: Bellyfit.with.Joann@gmail.com

(Bellyfit, Bellyfit Flow, bellydance lessons, & bellydance workshops after hours or weekends available upon request)

Honored to have hosted Alice Bracegirdle and DJ Rowan, Bellyfit Founders and assisted them in organizing a Special Bellyfit Event in Coos Bay on August 17, 2017.

This week’s Spotlight goes to Joann Thompson​, Shimmy Mob team leader from Coos Bay, Oregon! Watch to find out how she became the ONLY certified Bellyfit and Bellyfit Flow instructor in Oregon and to find out more about her interesting contact lens side business!

Why Bellyfit:

I’ve been teaching in the fitness industry since the 1980’s, and Bellyfit is the one class that encompasses the whole body (physical, psychological, and spiritual) in a safe way. We focus on how we FEEL rather than how we LOOK. We support each other, and build each other up; we’re friends. The age of women in my classes ranges from the 20’s to the 60’s, which is amazing! It’s great cross-training for dancers, yet no dance experience is required. Students can come for just the physical body and get a good sweat on, or include their mind and spirit - everyone takes away something different, whatever they need.


“Super warm and enthusiastic and fun! Clear instructions. Cardio was awesome. I think everyone loved your class.” Erica

“I think you are a miracle worker for what happened tonight. You really got a lot of people out in attendance. And you did a marvelous, inspiring job as our exercise leader. Thank you for alerting me to your class, and for inviting me to participate. Upbeat attitude; clear vocal/voice instructions; enthusiastic and encouraging.” Stacy

“...I was intrigued, and went to the class…I’ve been hooked ever since. I love Bellyfit! I can do the moves (which I have not been able to do with other dance-based exercise classes). I enjoy the focus on whole health: physical, mental, emotional. Bellyfit offers levels — you can choose at what level you want to move at any given time… I am always glad I went — I feel better afterward *every* time! Joann is a good instructor, makes everyone feel welcome, and knows how to teach the routines so that the class learns quickly and then we can just have fun while getting Bellyfit!” Barbara

Classes with Joann

Class Name Facility Session Date
Monday 5:30 PM Top Dog Coffee Company North Bend September 17, 2018 info