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    Embodied Goddess Program

Why did we create this program?

We want all women to feel strong, sexy and sacred as they embody the Goddess within.

Enjoy 7 uplifting cardio-dance workouts, intelligently designed for the female body. Suitable for women of all ages, sizes and abilities these inspiring 45 minute full-body workouts include cardio, strength and stretch.

An uplifting, full-body workout for each day of the week, guaranteed to help you strengthen, lengthen and love every part of your amazing self. Move and groove to phenomenal music and powerful affirmations in each video.

In addition to the 7 workouts, you'll receive 7 supplementary supporting resources contributed by 7 international women's health experts. Learn important information about Pelvic Floor Health, Womb Wisdom, Power Practises, Emotional Intelligence, Sound Vibration, Intuition and Self Massage.

7 beautiful printable posters with the affirmations from each workout. Print and pin to help you stay inspired and motivated!

Download or stream all 7 videos in a wide variety of resolutions from Standard Definition up to 1080p High Definition. No matter what device you are using and how fast your connection is, we got ya covered!

To be an "Embodied Goddess" simply means that you see yourself as
a divine being having a human experience,
and that you embody this knowing to create a life that is
beautiful, magical, powerful, creative, and of course FUN!
Bellyfit® CEO Alice Bracegirdle

Preview all 7 workouts

1 Honour Your Roots

Goddess: Gaia

Chakra: #1 Root

Continent: Europe


Expect delicious, grounding, strengthening moves, with plenty of bootie shaking to keep things flowing, all of which are enhanced by the Yoni Mudra, designed to calm and stabilize the nervous system so we can turn inward and connect to Source.

2 Flow like water

Goddess: Oshun

Chakra: #2 Sacral

Continent: Africa


Expect sweet, sexy, powerful moves, with plenty of intensity to keep things pumpin’, all of which is balanced out by Dhyana Mudra, designed to help us cultivate meditation, deep contemplation and unity with higher energy.

3 Power up

Goddess: Xihe

Chakra: #3 Solar Plexus

Continent: Asia


Expect high energy, potent moves, that will have you riding a chariot pulled by dragons as you dance with the rising and setting of the Sun! And with the heat of Manipura Mudra, we’ll cultivate and enhance our will power, warrior energy, determination and action!

4 Find your balance

Goddess: Xochiquetzal

Chakra: #4 Heart

Continent: South America


Expect fabulous, fun, fluid moves, with plenty of heart opening goodness to keep things expansive and balanced! Add the beautiful Lotus Mudra to this awesome routine and you’ll be well on your way to expansive growth and enlightenment!

5 Open a channel

Goddess: Aluna/Moon

Chakra: #5 Throat

Continent: North America


Expect transformational, magical moves, and even some howling and prowling to keep us on our game! Add the familiar and powerful Chin Mudra and we have an opportunity for a deep and lasting connection with Source.

6 Get connected

Goddess: Yhi

Chakra: #6 Third Eye

Continent: Australia


Expect creative, playful, evocative moves that will unearth your inner wisdom and align you with the power of nature. Add the super cool Garuda Mudra, designed to balance our energy while attaining inner freedom and we’ve got an inspiring, mind bending routine!

7 Wake up!

Goddess: Magic Mazi

Chakra: #7 Crown

Continent: Antarctica


Expect sublime, supernatural moves combined with the stunning Sahasrara Mudra designed to activate our Crown Chakra to show us the truth and Divinity of our existence as powerful embodied Goddesses!

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Meet our Embodiment Experts

To bring even more value to the program.

Alice Bracegirdle

Meet Alice Bracegirdle

Bellyfit® CEO and Co-founder

Alice Bracegirdle is pioneering a global movement that’s empowering women through Holistic Fitness and radical body love. As the CEO of Bellyfit Enterprises Inc., she is a fearless leader to hundreds of certified Bellyfit® Instructors around the globe, a sought after Fitness Rockstar and the creator of over a dozen home workout videos that are moving thousands of women around the world every day.

Connect with Alice:

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More Videos & Testimonials

Featuring artwork by Autumn Skye Morrison

Autumn Skye Morrison

The art of Autumn Skye has been a long time favourite of the Bellyfit Development Team, and we were so excited to showcase these visionary images for this project. They speak to the magic, power and beauty that is in each of us, and all around us, body, mind and spirit and we hope they inspire you as much as they inspire us!

"I aim to share honesty and awakening.
To celebrate this fantastic adventure.
To inspire and be inspired."
-Autumn Skye Morrison

Learn more about her work:

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