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Is bellyfit® for you?

love how you feel

If you’re looking for an intelligently designed, incredibly effective, super fun, stress busting, energizing cardio dance fitness class set to off-the-charts phenomenal dance music ~ then YOU, beautiful woman ~ have hit the jackpot!

It's not an extreme bootcamp

If you’re looking for a kick-your-ass-so-hard-you-pee-your-pants-and-can-hardly-walk-the-next-day kind of extreme workout, then Bellyfit® may not be for you. This isn’t an Insanity-P90X-Crossfit situation, so if that’s your preferred jam, Bellyfit® probably won’t get you fired up.

It's not a dance class

If you’re looking for technique, drills and complex choreography or you’re committed to mastering your 3/4 shimmy & your arabesque turns, then we must inform, Bellyfit® may not deliver. This isn’t a dance class, so if that’s your main squeeze, Bellyfit® probably won’t get you juiced up.

It's not just a workout

If you’re looking for a class that focuses only on giving you a physical workout, then Bellyfit® may not be your thing. This is a holistic, mindful experience so although we never sacrifice the sweat & the burn, we will be focusing on alignment, breath, intention and connection.

Safe + Effective + Sweat Inducing

We’ve found that our perfect blend of cardio, strength and stretch satisfies a special sweet spot for women in their 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s although women of all ages have been known to fall in love with Bellyfit®. It’s a moderate to intense workout depending on how hard you wanna work and it’s designed to be smart, which means that it’s safe, effective and always sweat inducing!

Why Women Only?

The Feminine

We feel that the balance of Masculine and Feminine in our world is currently compromised, and that this is showing up in many, many ways and effecting all of us. In order to support a rebalancing, there’s a growing global movement to help uplift and empower the Feminine. Bellyfit® is a pioneer in this global movement and is here to help support the Feminine through exercise that uplifts and empowers women. Ultimately, our goal is to unite the Masculine and Feminine in loving balance and we’re confident that you’ll feel this play between these two complimentary aspects in each Bellyfit® class. Our unique combination of action & stillness, receptivity & resistance, intuition & intellect is uniquely designed to help you embrace your inner warrior and your inner Goddess!

Belly Dance

Your Bellyfit® class/routine will always include some movements inspired by Belly Dance. The movements in Belly Dance have been done in women-centred spaces for a very long time; created, taught, shared, performed and mastered primarily by women. By including these movements in your exercise routine, you’re working from the inside out and activating muscles that can only be worked with circular movement. Not only is it incredibly effective at toning the core, but it can also be incredibly healing, fun and empowering.


The movements, exercises and postures performed in a Bellyfit® class are specifically designed to activate, heal and empower the uniqueness of female biology. This focus on female physiology & psychology results in special attention being given to the pelvis, hips, belly, breasts, booty and even the brain. We’ve created a feminine-centric system that works the physical body while helping to clear, balance and energize the emotional, hormonal, mental and energetic body as well.

Safe, Sacred Space

When women are in a female only environment we naturally feel more at ease to move our body in a sensual way and connect more deeply to our own sacredness and the sacredness of the women around us. This is not about exclusion. It’s about honouring the unique and specific needs of women and offering the most customized, potent, fulfilling experience possible. For many, being in an environment of only women is not only a welcome and energizing experience, but also a rare one that is greatly appreciated. Our intention is that you’ll feel free to shimmy, shake and sweat, without any self consciousness or fear of judgement.

Transgender, Genderfluid, Non-binary

In our beautiful, ever-changing world, there are more and more brave individuals seeking to embrace, express and nurture the Feminine within, in new and diverse ways. We recognize and celebrate this global shift in consciousness and are honoured to support and include any and all individuals who identify as female, in part or in whole. We encourage our instructors, along with their participants, to create an environment that feels safe and inclusive while still maintaining the integrity of our Feminine-centric values and philosophy.