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Victoria, BC Canada

3 unique class formats

Over the years, our innovative Founder Alice Bracegirdle and her incredible team of choreographers and movement experts have developed 3 unique formats to serve women of all ages, stages and abilities.


Strong. Sexy. Sacred.

THIS IS THE CLASS THE MOST OF OUR INSTRUCTORS ARE CURRENTLY TEACHING! With it’s perfect blend of Dance, Fitness & Yoga inspired moves, intelligently designed for the female body, this is the flagship class that started the Bellyfit® movement. Set to a soundtrack of the best electronic dance music and ambient tracks available, you’ll get a beautifully compact 60 minutes of bootie shakin’ goodness ~ 40 minutes of stress reducing cardio dance, 10 minutes of full body toning, and 10 minutes of Yoga inspired stretching and meditation.

Bellyfit Flow™

The Slow Burn

With this powerful, choreographed fusion of flowing, feminine, hip centered movement, you’ll finally get to experience a Yoga class that is truly designed for the unique needs of the female body. Delivered from a solid, fitness foundation ~ spiced up with the magic of dance and united seamlessly with Vinyasa Flow ~ you can expect all the signature elements that Bellyfit® offers, now 100% on the mat, with a focus on strength and flexibility rather than cardiovascular endurance and coordination. Add an incredible soundtrack and you’ve got a unique and powerful practice designed to uplift and energize on all levels. And yes, you will burn ~ in the best way possible.

Bellyfit Sage™

Wisdom in Motion

With a focus on posture, balance, coordination, strength and stamina, this much needed pioneering class is designed for women seeking a slower, more mindful workout, uniquely customized for their varied needs, without sacrificing effectiveness, sensuality and fun. Infused with all the signature elements (dance, fitness, Yoga) of a Bellyfit® class and set to a beautiful soundtrack of inspiring, motivating music, you can expect 40 minutes of gentle cardio and 20 minutes of full body strength and stretch done with the support of a chair, all seamlessly woven together for a workout that will invoke the wise and powerful woman within.