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Rowan Sentesy

  • Language(s): English, french
  • Timezone: (UTC -8:00) Pacific Standard Time, Clipperton Island
  • Location: Victoria, Canada
  • Occupation(s): CTO | Co-Founder
  • Direct Link: http://www.bellyfit.com/rowansentesy


Rowan is the behind the scenes technical Ninja at the core of Bellyfit® Enterprises.
He’s our genius CTO, music master extraordinaire and the brains behind all things IT. Rowan turns ideas to reality and gives Bellyfit® it’s slick look and revolutionary sound. When he’s not managing extraordinary amounts of data, making things looks pretty or mixing up the next Bellyfit® music compilation, he’s playing professional Volleyball on the gorgeous beaches of the West Coast, flexing his gardening muscles or cooking up amazing gourmet meals for his lucky family.

Why Bellyfit:

The world needs more healing and nurturing energy to rebalanced the ego dominated mindset of today’s world leaders. By providing resources and tools to help empower women- not in an ‘equality’ or traditionally ‘feminist’ way- but in a balanced yin-yang power shift to create a healthier world and healthier civilization.