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Andrew Dodd

  • Language(s): English
  • Timezone: (UTC -8:00) Pacific Standard Time, Clipperton Island
  • Occupation(s): Chief Videographer and Photographer
  • Website: http://www.doddseye.com


Andrew is our behind the scenes, make-it-all-happen-keen-eye-video-guy.
Bellyfit® is as much a video production company as it is a women’s fitness brand and we’d be lost at sea without Andrew and his impeccable photo, film and editing skillz. We need something captured? We call Andrew and we know he’ll make us look awesome! And when he’s not making video magic, he’s usually making an appearance at one of the West Coast’s fine electronic music festivals or dance venues spinning another kind of magic behind the decks or chillin’ out with family on a remote pacific island.