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meet our team

Our team is small but mighty and we love what we do

Executive Hot Shots

Our Executive Team is devoted to bringing the power and beauty of bellyfit® to as many women around the world as possible, and they’re committed to doing it with integrity, love and lots of fun!

Alice Bracegirdle's photo
CEO | Co-Founder

Alice Bracegirdle

Alice is our maverick CEO, a global influencer and an overall master of business badassery.
For over 15 years, Alice has inspired thousands of women around the world to move & live in a way that’s strong, sexy & sacred. When she’s not with her teenage daughter, baking delicious treats or creating the next set of revolutionary choreography for Bellyfit®, she’s mentoring her team of Bellyfit® Master Trainers and CREW in over 15 countries around the world who are moving & empowering thousands of women every day.

Rowan Sentesy's photo
CTO | Co-Founder

Rowan Sentesy

Rowan is the behind the scenes technical Ninja at the core of Bellyfit® Enterprises.
He’s our genius CTO, music master extraordinaire and the brains behind all things IT. Rowan turns ideas to reality and gives Bellyfit® it’s slick look and revolutionary sound. When he’s not managing extraordinary amounts of data, making things looks pretty or mixing up the next Bellyfit® music compilation, he’s playing professional Volleyball on the gorgeous beaches of the West Coast, flexing his gardening muscles or cooking up amazing gourmet meals for his lucky family.

Andrew Dodd's photo
Chief Videographer and Photographer

Andrew Dodd

Andrew is our behind the scenes, make-it-all-happen-keen-eye-video-guy.
Bellyfit® is as much a video production company as it is a women’s fitness brand and we’d be lost at sea without Andrew and his impeccable photo, film and editing skillz. We need something captured? We call Andrew and we know he’ll make us look awesome! And when he’s not making video magic, he’s usually making an appearance at one of the West Coast’s fine electronic music festivals or dance venues spinning another kind of magic behind the decks or chillin’ out with family on a remote pacific island.

Meet our Development Team

Our Development Team is comprised of superstar pros who are experts at what they do and leaders in the industry. We’re very honoured to have them on board!

Leanne Zdebiak-Eni's photo
Core Conditioning Expert and Choreographer

Leanne Zdebiak-Eni

Leanne is a hard core warrior and fitness pro. She is 100% dedicated to keeping us aligned and connected not only to our core muscles, but our core values as well. She also teaches the BEST 80's themed aerobics classes and is an awesome mom!!

Kim Vopni's photo
Pelvic Floor Health Expert

Kim Vopni

Kim is on the leading edge of women's health and has dedicated her life to helping women improve their pelvic health. She ensures that bellyfit® is always sharing accurate, well researched information and staying true to it's mission of empowering women on all levels. She is also a multitasking entrepreneur, mom and community builder...oh and she loves red wine too!

Clare Blanchflower's photo
Uterine Health Expert

Clare Blanchflower

Clare is a pioneer in the fields of Awakening and Feminine Embodiment. She's been a long time 'spiritual mentor' to our CEO and ensures that bellyfit® is always deeply connected to it's centre. She is also a teacher in the non-dual tradition, a writer, a poet and a sought after international speaker and leader of Satsang.

Our Maverick Master Trainers

We're super proud of our Master Trainer Team who mentor new trainees all over the world every week to teach exceptional Bellyfit® classes

Christine Vallieres

Christine is a superstar in all things fitness, dance and business! She inspires us every day with her unwavering commitment, constant upgrading and incredible devotion to the Bellyfit® message and mission. She runs a very successful fitness studio and is always polished, professional, and deeply motivating in each and every class she teaches. She’s won gold medals in dance and rhythmic gymnastic, is a CanFitPro certified personal trainer, certified Zumba® Instructor, Pound® Instructor Yoga teacher and obstacle Racer! Christine is on a mission to empower women through movement and help them embody the amazing Goddess they are. Is it any wonder we love her so much!

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Loni’s name says it all! This wise dancing Goddess is as brilliant as she is talented and brings a deep healing consciousness to everything she does, including Bellyfit®! She found us in 2010 and it was love at first sight. As a loving wife and the devoted mom of 2 teenage boys, Loni rides the ups and downs of life like the true Master and teacher that she is. She’s a Certified Usui Reiki Master, Karuna® Reiki Practitioner, Minister, Spiritual Healer, Yoga practitioner and certified group exercise instructor. Her greatest passion is being able to share the magic of Bellyfit® that she has witnessed empower and heal many of the women who attend her classes. We adore Loni and love the healing energy she brings to our mission.

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Adriana is a woman on a mission and is single handedly blazing a Bellyfit® trail in Mexico. As an insecure, shy teenager, she used dance, movement and holistic therapy to jump start her self esteem, find empowerment and express her soul! She is deeply committed to helping women connect to the sensual, feminine goddess within and find liberation from the limiting beliefs and fears instilled since childhood. Adriana has been teaching Belly Dance and Fitness since 2001 and is the founder of her own dance and wellness center in Tamaulipas, Mexico. She carries multiple movement certifications in Fitness, Dance and movement therapy. We are extremely blessed to have Adriana on our team and look forward to the day when Bellyfit® is a household name in Mexico. With her on the task, we have no doubt it will soon materialize!

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Isabel has been with us pretty much since the very beginning. She’s a no-drama, no-nonsense, keep your eye on the ball, take no bullsh*t kind of gal! We’ve watched her build a successful business, go through an unexpected divorce, a wonderful remarriage and a relocation to a completely new country. Through it all she’s maintained a beautiful, positive attitude, stayed focused on the task at hand and hasn’t skipped a beat as one of our maverick Master Trainers. She’s a professional Belly Dancer, a certified Personal Trainer, a Reiki Master and the owner of Oasis Wellness Consulting where she pursues her passion of helping other women grow and find their purpose in life. To top it all off, she is a bilingual Canadian Certified Counselor and we’re so honoured that she’s chosen Bellyfit® as her movement of choice!!

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Brenda has been in the fitness industry longer than any of us, and we look to her for guidance and wisdom on all things Bellyfit®. She is a Master at creating juicy, incredibly innovative and effective dance based choreography that celebrates her passion for music and movement. She inspires women of all ages and abilities to embrace their inner dancer and awaken the Goddess within, Bellyfit® style! She believes in the importance of enjoying life and she encourages her participants to find JOY in moving their bodies and exploring their strengths while working to silence their inner critic. She says that being a Bellyfit® Master Trainer since 2013 has been an awe inspiring, soul revealing, life changing, adventure. (sweet!) But really, we’re the ones who are awe inspired that we get to have this incredible woman on our team! She’s been in the fitness industry for decades and was awarded Manitoba’s Fitness Instructor of the Year for 2010. She’s certified in Group Fitness and Resistance Training, TRX Suspension Training, Group Cycling, Stability Ball and Drums Alive to name a few. She teaches 20+ fitness classes per week (holy cow!) to participants from 6-90+ years of age and truly is a legend in her city. In short, Brenda is one bad ass Bellyfit® boss lady!!

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Heather was at our very first instructor training course in 2007 and has been rockin’ with Bellyfit® ever since! She’s as solid and strong as the Earth herself and brings a beautiful grounded energy to every woman that has the privilege of being in her presence. Heather has overcome some pretty serious health challenges over the years and attributes her full healing and recovery (she’s stronger than ever now!), in part to her Bellyfit® practise which has been a source of constant inspiration and a way for her to keep moving and connected to her body with grace and strength through the struggles and the victories. She’s a certified group fitness instructor, a professional Belly Dancer and Poi instructor, an entrepreneur, a devoted wife and the mom of a beautiful teenage daughter. Heather embodies everything that Bellyfit® stands for and we’re deeply honoured to have her on our team.

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Tamara embodies everything that Bellyfit® represents, and she does it all with crazy, mad love in her heart and some serious sparkle in her soul. Her energy is absolutely contagious and she’s a local legend with the thousands of women who have had the privilege and pleasure of joining her in a Bellyfit® or Yoga class. She is beyond passionate about helping guide and inspire as many women as possible to experience juicy, sensual greatness in their life and she does it all as the single parent to an incredible teenage boy! Wow! She is certified in Pole Dance for Fitness, Groove Method™, BCRPA Fitness Theory, Weight Training and Group Fitness modules as well as 500hr Yoga Teacher Training. She continues to follow her dreams and her heart’s path towards Holistic Sexuality Coaching with the Tantric Institute for Integrated Sexulality. We can’t wait to see what this Embodied Goddess will bring to the table next and we’re crazy lucky to call her our Master T!

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Terri kicks a*s as much in the smarts department as she does in the shimmy department! She holds a BA and a B.Ed from MSVU, Group Fitness and Resistance training certifications, is a member of the Board of Directors of the Nova Scotia Fitness Association, is working on a Master of Arts degree in Women & Gender Studies and has been a dancer her whole life. This beautiful and sassy Druish Princess from magical Eastern Canada keeps us in line when it comes to all things ‘policy’ and brings her special blend of talent and spice to all things Bellyfit®. We’re super lucky to have this smarty pants on our team.

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