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Health and Fitness Education

We are HFE, the UK’s leading provider of fitness courses and qualifications. Our disciplines range from personal training, exercise to music, Pilates, yoga, sports massage and more. We deliver at nationwide venues including Manchester, London, Birmingham, Cardiff and Glasgow. Join us to learn more, achieve more and become more.

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Elate Clean Cosmetics

We’re so honoured and excited to be partnered with the incredible Elate clean cosmetics, an international cosmetic company based out of Victoria, BC. This incredible vegan, cruelty Free, toxin Free, gluten Free company is right up our alley when it’s comes to body lovin’, self care and radical kindness! We love their products and we know you will too. Alice is proud to be wearing exclusively Elate in most of our videos and it’s the only makeup product you’ll find in our bathrooms!

Looking for some gorgeously green, cruelty free, high quality affordable makeup?

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Pelvienne Wellness & Bellies Inc.

We’re very lucky to have the amazing Kim Vopni , Chief of Better Births and Recoveries at Pelvienne Wellness and Co-Founder of Bellies Inc. as our ‘resident’ pelvic floor wellness expert. Kim is our ‘go-to’ on everything to do with our deep core and she’s the reason we feel so committed to helping women deepen their awareness of and increase their appreciation for this undervalued, yet vitally important area of our bodies.

To learn more about the amazing Kim and everything she has to offer, check her out here:

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In our digitally obsessed world, we believe that real live community engagement is absolutely essential for our health and well being. We’re very blessed to be part of an amazing community of movers and shakers called YoUnlimited, spearheaded by the amazing Carolyn Taylor, a local legend and intrepid supporter of women everywhere!

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