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Victoria, BC Canada

Host Venue Information

Thank you for your interest in hosting a 1-Day Bellyfit® Instructor Training Course at your facility!

Bellyfit® is a fast growth company looking for host facilities worldwide. We currently have 20 Regional Trainers who are available to deliver 1 day courses at facilities like yours. We look forward to working with you to bring Bellyfit® to your community.

For all the details on our 1-Day Bellyfit® Instructor Training Course, visit: http://www.bellyfit.com/training

See below for facility requirements. Please keep in mind, your primary responsibility is to provide the space and we do the rest. If you are able to spread the word and help create some buzz about the course, we greatly appreciate it.

When you’d like to talk about specific details, we look forward to hearing from you.

Please contact your local Regional Trainer or BFHQ directly at trainings@bellyfit.com

Facility Requirements

  Must be available on a Saturday OR Sunday for 9 consecutive hours, approximately 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM
  Must be able to accommodate a minimum of 15 people doing dance aerobic type activity
  Must have mirrors and a sound system
  Must have aerobic suitable floor. No concrete or carpets


Bellyfit® will pay reasonable, industry standard rental fees OR trade equal registration for in house instructors who wish to participate in the training course.


Cost of the training per registrant is CAD$249 plus applicable taxes.

Registration Discount

Bellyfit® will offer a discount code for 25% off the registration fee to facility coordinator who may distribute to staff and associates within reasonable parameters.


Bellyfit® is responsible for marketing this event but we do welcome any promotional support you are able to offer.

Apply to become a bellyfit® Trainee

Thank you so much for your interest in teaching bellyfit®.

We’re absolutely delighted to hear from you!

Teaching bellyfit® can be one of the most fulfilling and rewarding things you’ll ever do ~ emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually and financially. From training to mentoring to marketing and support, the entire bellyfit® system has been designed to function with ease, elegance and effectiveness, so that YOU the instructor can focus on what you do best ~ motivating and inspiring women to feel amazing in their bodies and in their lives!

Teaching Bellyfit® does require a certain amount of dedication and practice, no matter how much or how little experience you have.  Wherever you are on the path is perfect and this application is for us to asses if that path is ready to intersect with Bellyfit®.

Please answer the questions below as concisely and truthfully as possible. And please be BRIEF.

We get a lot of applications and the quicker we can get through them, the quicker we can get back to you.

If your application is accepted and you wish to proceed, you will be required to pay a $100CAD administration fee and register for our instructor support system (CREW) which is $25CAD/month. This is your way of showing us that you’re serious about this path and it’s our way of providing you with all the tools, resources and inspiration you need, to be a very successful bellyfit® Instructor.  

And don’t worry, once you receive your approval, you’ll also get a 15 min call with our CEO Alice Bracegirdle who will answer all your questions, explain how everything works and help you move forward. 

If you have any questions about this application or Bellyfit® in general, please email us at training@support.com.

Important notes

Just a couple more important notes before you complete the application:

  1. NO DVDs.
    • Please note that this course and all future supporting resources are 100% online. You will never receive any DVDs in the mail from us.
  2. Must have internet.
    • As per the above note, it is imperative that you have reliable high speed internet in order to access the content of the course, communicate with your MTM and review videos + download music and marketing materials from CREW.
  3. Women only please.
    • bellyfit® has been created for women only and we are very ‘passionate’ about maintaining the integrity of this specialization. If you are a man, or you wish to include men in your classes, we must insist that bellyfit® is not for you and we so appreciate your understanding.
  4. Uniformity of instruction.
    • bellyfit® is a standardized system and we work very hard to monitor and maintain this system. If you want to create your own format, use your own music and your own structure, then we suggest that this may not be the class for you. This means that if you are looking to follow a pre-designed structure and teaching formula that is smart, tested and effective, then this is the system for you! 
  5. Holistic.
    • If you’re looking for a class that is all about that bikini bod and flat abs, you’ll probably want to keep looking. If you’re looking for a class that aims to support women in ALL areas of their life...energizing them physically, mentally, emotionally AND spiritually, then we cannot wait to hear from you!

Thank you again. Let’s get started!

Embodied Goddess Program (Launching January 2016)



Video Upload

Bellyfit fait vibrer le Québec!

Découvrez la déesse en vous!

Une expérience de mise en forme qui harmonise l’esprit et le corps. Hautement énergique, les mouvements simples et efficaces sont inspirés des danses orientales tels que le Baladi, Bollywood, Bhangra, danse Africaine ainsi que du yoga.

Connectez-vous à votre énergie féminine sacrée et laissez-vous aller aux rythmes de musique Lounge, tribale et orientale jusqu’aux mantras méditatifs. Venez honorer votre corps et partager votre énergie!

Aujourd’hui, Bellyfit® fait vibrer le Québec dans sa première tournée pour faire découvrir le programme à toutes les femmes de la province.

Vous aurez besoin d’une paire de souliers de sport propre, une bouteille d’eau, une serviette et un tapis de yoga. Habillez-vous pour être confortable!

Les femmes seulement s'il vous plaît.


17 Avril Québec (YWCA Québec)
24 Avril Drummondville (Centre Communautaire)
8 Mai Gatineau (Polyvalente le Carrefour)
22 Mai Brossard (Idolem)
5 Juin Laval (École l’Équinoxe)
12 Juin Sherbrooke (Centre communautaire et culturel)
19 Juin Montréal (CLAC de Guybourg)
Venez vivre un évènement spécial de 75 minutes!

Sunday Only Pass

Can't make it to the whole weekend? Join us for Sunday only.

Single Session Pass

Have a busy weekend and only have a couple of hours free? Choose your individual sesisons below and we'll only charge you for what you choose. 

Saturday Only Pass

Can't make the whole weekend? Join us for Saturday only.

Health & Beauty

Yoga & Spirit

Business & Personal Development

Dance & Fitness


dance session overview

Summit Zen Zone

During the weekend, several of our local practitioners will be offering mini-sessions in everything from massage to reiki. Plan to pamper yourself and find deep relaxation in our lovely Zen Zone! Cost for these services will be $1.00 per minute and you can book as much or as little time as you need. Please bring cash and never underestomate the power of self care! 

Gala Celebration

Event Registration Online for Bellyfit Summit Gala Celebration powered by Eventbrite

You're invited to celebrate the 2014 Bellyfit Summit with us at event, The Gala Celebration!

Join us for an evening of world class dance performances, internationally acclaimed speakers and magical inspiration, all to celebrate the 2014 Bellyfit Summit and women's empowerment! Enjoy African Dance, Belly Dance, Classical Indian Dance and Bollywood, interspersed with 3 captivating presentations by three of the world's most sight after speakers from around the globe. Bring your family, friends and colleagues and come on a journey of sight, sound and celebration, all on us!

You can join us for free, or contribute a donation if you wish! This is our way of saying thank you Victoria, for helping us succeed in our mission to empower and inspire women around the globe!

Featuring Speakers:
Taryn Brumfitt, Misty Tripoli, Tera Warner Hosted by Alice Bracegirdle

Featuring Dance Performances:
Luciterra, Revital Carroll, Wontonara Shiamak Bollywood, Get Bent

Tickets: By Donation
Dress Code:  don't dress "up", but wear something nice!
Arrive by 6:45, Doors open at 7:00 PM

Everyone welcome, even the men! smile


Keynote Address from Misty Tripoli

We are honoured and so excited to be presenting Misty Tripoli, all the way from Mexico for this year's Keynote Address! She is the Founder of The World Groove Movement, and has deeply influenced the lives of thousands of people around the world who are ready to connect to source and be truly alive. Misty's insights into movement, empowerment and authentic expression are infused into everything she does. As a highly sought after movement facilitator and inspirational speaker, Misty is a key influencer and supporter of the Bellyfit Movement and as both teacher and dear friend to Bellyfit® CEO, Alice Bracegirdle, Misty and her wisdom are woven into the fabric of Bellyfit and the message it shares. We welcome Misty with open arms, and we know you will too. Be prepared to soak in the wisdom and maybe even get a little bit wild!


Special Message from Taryn Brumfitt

"In 2012, while contemplating my impending plastic surgery which would make my breasts perky and neatly tuck away that excess fat on my stomach, I had an epiphany. If I go through with this, what am I saying to my daughter about body image? How will I teach her to love her body? How am I going to encourage her to accept and love her body, when I am standing in front of her with a surgically enhanced body? What type of hypocrite or mother would I be?"

We are so lucky to have the amazing Taryn Brumfitt, mother of 3, writer, speaker and founder of The Body Image Movement coming all the way from Australia to share her potent message!

Taryn says: "My role is to harness and facilitate positive body image activism by teaching women the value and power of loving their bodies...from the inside out!" You'll get to hear her story and bask in her incredible conviction at our very special Gala event on saturday evening. We can't wait for you to meet her!!


A Special Announcement from Tera Warner

Tera Warner is the frisky founder of the world's largest online resource of whole food cleansing and detoxification programs for women. As a dynamic keynote speaker Tera raises the roof on the everything from body image, media literacy, authenticity, natural beauty, detox, weight loss and more!

Having spoken to audiences of thousands she captivates attention with authentic presentations that leave women inspired and transformed.

Featuring Performances From:


Shiamak Bollywood Dance Team

Wontonara Drum & Dance

Get Bent Bellydance

Schedule Beta

A word from your hostess

Hi there.
Thanks for popping by! 

I’m Alice, and btw, this is a bit of a read, but if you get through it, I know you'll be inspired and have a whole new context for this site!

The 2014 Bellyfit Summit is a dream come true for me...and I often shake my head in amazement.
Is this all REALLY happening? Holy Moly!! 
I'm in awe now, because my reality wasn't always so shiny and inspiring. 

10 years ago I was a single mom on welfare, battling depression, exhaustion and substance use.  My energy was stagnant.  My life was stagnant.  I was angry and quite frankly...very lost. 

Then the ball dropped...and I literally woke up one day, put my fist down, turned the techno up, and started to shake my booty! Years of training in Fitness, Dance and Yoga, came flooding back. (thank goodness!) I realized that my daughter was watching my every move, and that I needed to step up my game! I needed to love my body and my life ~ so she would love hers!!  

And as the story goes, over the next few months, I began combining the strength of fitness, the sensuality of dance and the sacredness of Yoga, to create this movement called Bellyfit®. Before I knew it, I was in front of 15 unsuspecting women and it was ON!

At first, I was a lone warrior, teaching Bellyfit classes in every fitness, dance and Yoga studio that would have me, encouraging women to move from a place of Love and acceptance for their bodies, rather than hatred and judgment ~ while delivering a kick ass workout to boot! Over time, it became clear that there was a huge demand for what this movement has to offer, and before I knew it, other fitness professionals were asking me where I had learned to teach Bellyfit. They wanted in on the action and were ready to get behind the ‘Body Love’ message of this movement.

Over the following 6 years, we offered training courses, expanding out of Canada and beyond. The movement blossomed. Ten years later, here I am, CEO of the world's leading Holisitic Fitness System for women.  In love with life, and with my beloved husband, the amazing DJ Rowan...my best friend, business partner and the brains behind the whole operation;) And so proud and blessed to be able to say that my beautiful daughter Shalom is growing up to be a confident, self aware, generous and talented young lady! WOW!

There are now over 400 certified Bellyfit® Instructors in over 10 countries worldwide (many of whom will be joining us for this event), and there has never been a stronger need for an exercise system that is designed specifically for women…making them feel strong, sexy and sacred.

My personal mission, and the mission of Bellyfit, is to help bring balance to our planet.
By empowering the feminine in all humans, we will start to tip the scales toward homeostasis.
Bottom line, the change begins within, and we believe that if women everywhere start to love their bodies, they will feel more empowered to be their most authentic self and shine, shine, shine! When women are strong, the whole world benefits.

So what’s this Bellyfit Summit about?

While training instructors to teach Bellyfit and evolving the Bellyfit System, I have also become somewhat of an aficionado in the realm of women’s health and fitness. I have had the pleasure of studying with some of the best, most respected experts in the industry, and now...I get to bring them all together under one roof...TO INSPIRE YOU, the way they inspire me.

But don’t take my word for it...check them out: http://www.bellyfit.com/2014summit/presenters
I think you will agree, they are pretty incredible, and have so much wisdom to share.

I would truly love you to join us. I know you’ll be forever glad you did.
Namaste and see you soon,

2014 Bellyfit Summit

Who should attend?

The 2014 Bellyfit Summit is for all women who are ready to take their body, mind, heart and soul to a new level of health and wellness.

No Bellyfit® experience is required. This is about much more than exercise ~ this is about all aspects of your life and how you can live it to the fullest. 

Our Mission

The goal of the 2014 Bellyfit® Summit is to inspire, educate, motivate, empower and pamper you! We've designed this event with all women in mind ~ head to toe, heart and soul.

What To Expect

With special pre-conference events on Friday, over 50 break out sessions all day Saturday and Sunday, a fabulous gala event on Saturday evening, Marketplace with dozens of vendors, Lululemon Lounge, Zen Zone, a dedicated chill out room and a special closing ceremony on Sunday afternoon, you are in for the weekend of a life-time!

Design your itinerary to suit your personal preference. Heavy on movement. Heavy on lectures. More on the spiritual side, or the business side. OR, choose a smorgesbord and fill yourself up...body, mind and soul!

Check out all the summit sessions.

Bellyfit Activation Tour

What is CREW™?

Similar to many other well known trademarked systems in the industry, there is a small mandatory monthly fee of CAD $25 per month for all Bellyfit® Instructors to maintain their teaching status.

This mandatory fee gives you access to a member-only online platform called CREW.
CREW = Creative Resources to Empower Women

CREW is loaded with fresh, fabulous bellyfit® choreography videos, music mixes and loads of marketing materials created exclusively for bellyfit® Instructors! Everything you need to pack and teach awesome classes.

Once you've registered for CREW and paid the $30 set-up fee, we'll give you instant access to this amazing library of resources. There is nothing else like it in the industry! 

In addition to the essential resources such as moves, music and marketing materials, all of our CREW members are also given a customized online profile with photos, bio, contact info, class schedule and more. This unique instructor profile along with our Class Finder ensures that participants can find your classes through the bellyfit website, thereby filling up classes and keeping them full.

The CREW system is an integrated, easy to use and secure online system. CREW Members have access to these continuously updated resources on a daily basis allowing you to create smart, highly effective exercise classes, week after week.

Becoming a CREW Member is required and is the only way to maintain your 'Instructor' status and your right to use the Bellyfit name, System and branding. The fee for your CREW membership is very reasonable and competitive compared to other such systems. Your commitment to maintaining the Bellyfit standard of instruction is essential to the safety and success of your participants, and to the long term sustainability of your classes.

When you invest in yourself and your community by becoming a Bellyfit Instructor and CREW Member, you are given the tools and the skills to inspire women through the power of movement, music, community, culture and more. The rewards are priceless.

Sitll have questions? See our CREW FAQ for more information.


Browse some of our photos albums below!

Summit Partners

We’re so grateful for the support of local and national companies who have stepped up to be a part of this event! Have a look through the list below and make sure to follow/tweet and vote with your dollars to support kindred businesses who share Bellyfit’s core values!


Seeing is believing! Check out some of our video media below.
Use the Tweet and Like buttons to share with your networks.

What is Bellyfit?

Bellyfit® Enterprises is devoted to moving women in a way that is strong, sexy and sacred. 

By blending the power & wisdom of ancient practices, with the research, technology and trends of the modern world, Bellyfit® classes offer much more than just ‘a workout’. Intelligently designed by women, for women, Bellyfit® classes offer a full body, full of spirit, extraordinary exercise experience inspired by dance, fitness and Yoga. The Bellyfit® Choreographers draw inspiration from many cultural dances and practices and they're always expanding their horizons to include more music and moves that not only strengthen the body, but also our connection to Source. 

Always safe, effective and fun, our mission is to help you feel amazing in your body, no matter what your age, size, ability, race or faith. With hundreds of instructors currently certified to teach Bellyfit® in over 15 countries around the world and dozens of home workout videos now available, Bellyfit® is moving thousands of women every day toward more self love and JOY.

We invite women to embrace the present moment while simultaneously connecting them to their ancient roots and empowering them for the future. Every nation around the world has ancient and modern rituals whereby people gather together to celebrate and honour the cycles of the body, the cycles of nature and the cycles of the cosmos, through movement, music, community and culture. These ancient rituals help to maintain a balance between the Yin and Yang, the Masculine and the Feminine, the dark and the light and yet these important rituals are being wiped out by modern technology and social unrest. Bellyfit® urges us back to this ancient wisdom of the body with a refreshing, modern approach.

When we find time on a regular basis to move, sweat, have fun and connect with other women in an inclusive, collaborative environment, we are uplifted and empowered, thereby uplifting and empowering those around us. We are waking up to the natural beauty and power that is within us and creating ways in which to honour, heal & express the Feminine, all with the goal of uniting our planet. 

Over the years, our innovative Founder Alice Bracegirdle and her incredible team of choreographers and movement experts, have developed 3 unique formats to serve women of all ages and abilities. 

Bellyfit® - The Original Dance Cardio
Bellyfit Flow™ - The Slow Burn
Bellyfit Sage™ - Wisdom in Motion 

Bellyfit® - The Original Dance Cardio

Bellyfit Enterprise's flagship class, Bellyfit® Strong Sexy Sacred™ is the ultimate holistic fusion of Dance, Fitness and Yoga. Set to a soundtrack of the best electronic dance music and ambient tracks available, you'll get 40 minutes of sweaty, high energy cardio, 10 minutes of targeted + full body core work and 10 minutes of relaxing stretches to finish it off. 

Bellyfit Flow™ - The Slow Burn

From the creators of Bellyfit® comes the much anticipated Bellyfit Flow™ The Slow Burn.  Designed for the Yogini in you, this mat based class is for all women looking for a more flowing, feminine, Yogic experience that is delivered from a solid, fitness based foundation. Expect all the signature elements that Bellyfit® offers, now on the mat and with a focus on strength and flexibility rather than cardiovascular endurance and coordination. Add an incredible soundtrack and an inspiring narrative and you've got a completely unique practice designed to uplift and energize on all levels.

Bellyfit Sage™ - Wisdom in Motion

From the creators of Bellyfit® comes the brand new format, Bellyfit Sage™ Wisdom in Motion.  Designed for mature women, women of size, women in recovery and all woman seeking a gentler, more customized form of movement that honours their sensuality, their strength and their varied levels of ability. Expect all the signature elements that Bellyfit® offers, now at a slower more intentional pace that focuses on posture, balance, toning and strengthening. 

Interested in teaching one of these innovative and inspiring formats? Check out our Instructor Training Page

Summit Presenters

Summit Pricing

Single sessions and 1-day passes will be available for purchase very soon! Check back, or email summit@bellyfit.com

{if logged_out}Login now to see if you qualify for CREW-only pricing!{/if}

Weekend at a glance

Friday, September 26

9:00am - 12:00pm ~ Bellyfit Sage™ Pre-Summit Certification (CREW only)
1:00pm - 4:00pm ~ Interactive Panel Discussion (all welcome)

Saturday, September 27

8:00am - 4:00pm ~ Day 1 sessions
7:00pm - 9:00pm ~ Gala Welcome Reception, Key Note and Awards Ceremony

Sunday, September 28

8:00am - 2:45pm ~ Day 2 sessions
3:15pm - 4:30pm ~ Dance Party and Closing circle with DJ Rowan and Alice!!

See the full schedule.

Summit Marketplace

These fabulous businesses and many more to come will have their beautiful products and services on desplay for your learning and shopping pleasure!

The marketplace is open to the public at no charge. Please bring a bit of spending money to treat yourself ot a massage, BodyTalk sesison in the Zen Zone or to purchase something special from some of our amazing vendors! 

Marketplace hours:

Join us at the marketplace during these hours:

Saturday 8:00 - 4:30
Sunday 10:00 - 2:30

Venue/Location: Victoria Conference Centre

The marketplace will be held in the main floor lobby at the Victoria Conference Centre.

Summit Details

Primary Venue: Victoria Conference Centre

Saturday & Sunday

720 Douglas Street
Victoria, BC
Canada V8W 3M7

View Larger Map

Venue Notes

  • Scent free building - please respect the comfort of others and enjoy a “scent-free” weekend.
  • The Fairmont Empress is our hotel partner - attached to The Victoria Conference Centre - Victoria maps will be available for you upon check-in at the hotel.
  • No showers are available at The Victoria Conference Centre.


Pre-Summit Venue: Dance Victoria Studios

Friday Only

This venue is used only on Friday for the Pre-Summit events

Suite 111 – 2750 Quadra Street (North Entrance)
Victoria, BC
Canada V8T 4E8
Located at Quadra at Hillside

View Larger Map


Getting to Victoria by Air

Located 30 minutes from downtown Victoria and five minutes from Sidney, Victoria International Airport (YYJ) has daily flights from Vancouver International Airport and Seattle-Tacoma Airport, as well as direct and non-stop flights from the rest of Canada and the United States. Regular float plane and helicopter service to Victoria’s downtown Inner Harbour is available from Vancouver and Seattle.

Getting To Victoria By Sea

Victoria is well-connected by sea to mainland British Columbia and Washington State by vehicle ferries and passenger ferries, with Victoria’s arrival points include the Inner Harbour, the Town of Sidney and the Swartz Bay Ferry Terminal (30 minutes from downtown Victoria).

British Columbia Ferry Services Inc.

Frequent daily scheduled service is provided (passengers and all types of vehicles) between Tsawwassen (south of Vancouver) and Swartz Bay (north of Victoria), between Tsawwassen and Duke Point (south of Nanaimo) and between Horseshoe Bay (West Vancouver) and Departure Bay (Nanaimo).
Phone: 1-888-223-3779 Website: http://www.bcferries.com

Black Ball Transport - M.V. Coho

The M.V. Coho is a vehicle and foot passenger ferry offering year-round daily service between Victoria’s Inner Harbour and Port Angeles, WA.
Phone: 250-386-2202 Website: www.cohoferry.com

Victoria Clipper

High-speed catamaran service (passengers only) scheduled daily between Seattle and Victoria harbours.
Phone: 1-800-888-2535 Website: http://www.victoriaclipper.com

BC Transit for bus service in Victoria: BC Transit


We are happy to have The Fairmont Empress Hotel as our hotel partner for the 2014 Bellyfit Summit. The Fairmont Empress Hotel is attached to The Victoria Conference Centre and is happy to accommodate our out of town delegates. It is located in beautiful downtown Victoria, within walking distance to the waterfront and all of Victoria's downtown ammenities. 

A discounted rate of $149.00 (Canadian dollar) per room per night plus 13% tax, double occupancy for a room with a variety of bed options. Most rooms are based on a double occupancy, with some allowing as many as four adults. We feel confident that you will find the right fit for your stay at this beautiful, downtown hotel. Please click here to book your hotel room at The Fairmont Empress with this exclusive Bellyfit Summit rate. 

This Bellyfit Summit delegate hotel rate is available Tuesday, Sept. 23rd - Sunday, Oct. 5th 2014. Please use the link provided above to make your reservation - book soon to reserve your room at this discounted rate.

The Fairmont Empress Hotel

721 Government Street (view map)
Victoria,  B.C V8W 1W5
P: 250 384 8111 F: 250 381 4334
P: 1 866 540 4429
2014 Bellyfit Summit Hotel Registration Page


With The Victoria Conference Centre being located in beautiful downtown Victoria, we are proud to boast several healthy and delicious food options. Some of our favourite locations are:

Be Love

1019 Blanshard Street, 778.433.7181
open: 8am-9:30pm

Cafe Bliss

556 Pandora Ave, 250.590.5733
open: 11am-7pm

Green Cuisine

#5, 560 Johnson Street Market Square, 250.385.1809
open: 10am-8pm


50 Bastion Square, 250.361.9223
open: 11am-10pm

The Clay Pigeon

1002 Blanshard St, 250.590.6657
open: 7:30am-10pm


Things to Bring

  • Good pair of INDOOR aerobics/running shoes or cross trainers (and extra socks!)
  • Layers of clothes - we will be sweating and cooling down throughout the day
  • Water Bottle
  • Food - eating will be only permitted in the hallways and market place, not in studios!
  • Yoga Mat and any props for floor seating (we will have a small stock of yoga mats for our air travellers)
  • Notebook, pen(s) & pencil(s) to take notes.
  • Cash or cheque for fabulous Bellyfit Merchandise and the Marketplace
  • Business cards to share with your colleagues
  • Stamina, clarity and integrity

ATM are available within 2 blocks of the venue.



Take your time browsing this year's brilliant sessions! 

Summit Sessions

Changing Sessions

Session selection will be available until we close registration on Sunday, September 24th.
Until then, feel free to return to this site and change your selection. Keep in mind that some sessions will fill up quickly and become unavailable.

If you change your mind at the event and want to attend a session that you have not signed up for, you will be allowed to ‘drop-in’ on a first come first served basis when all other registered delegates have been confirmed.

Please arrive on time for the sessions you have registered for.  If you are late, your spot may have been given to a drop-in!

Expect to be deeply inspired, motivated and moved!!


Summit Sessions

Check out the incredible sessions being offered at this year’s summit.

Have fun and stay tuned for updates.

Teen Sessions

Introducing: Customized Teen Programming!

​This year, for the first time ever, we’re super excited to announce customized programming for teen girls on the first day of the Summit, Saturday, September 17th only.

Teens attend for FREE, when registered as a guest with a guardian who is purchasing a weekend or day pass.

See all teen sessions here: 

Landing Page

You have landed here! Check out more information below.

Newsletter Signup

Please signup for our newsletter by filling out the form below.

Thank you!

Bellyfit in Victoria

Check in here as we develop the local community,classes and events happening in Victoria BC and surrounding area.


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What is CREW?
CREW is a members-only web space requiring a username and password to enter. ONLY registered Bellyfit CREW Members will have access.

What resources will be available to me when I become a CREW Member?

  • Right to use the Bellyfit name, logo, class format and systems
  • Online personal profile including bio, contact information, Bellyfit Class Schedule and more
  • Access to new choreography as it is released
  • Access to new music as it is released
  • Access to marketing materials and business tools that will set you apart in the marketplace and help your classes thrive
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What is the cost of a CREW Membership?
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How long is my CREW Membership good for?
When you register as a CREW Member, you will accept Terms and Conditions for a 1 year commitment. At the end of the year, you will receive notification that your CREW Membership is expiring and you will have the option to renew at that time.

What if I want to end my membership and stop teaching before the end of my term?
If you wish to break your commitment, you must call Bellyfit Headquarters and advise us of your decision at least 3 weeks before the date of your automatic withdrawal at which point we will cease payment. If you call within 3 weeks the date of your automatic withdrawals, we will cease payment the following month. Please note that any remaining CREW Credits at the time you discontinue will not be refunded.

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1 Cardio A sequence   5 CCs
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(please note that these are all approximations, CC values will vary)
Total             14 CCs

You will then proceed to ‘checkout’, complete your transaction and gain access to the resources you have ‘purchased’. Remember, you have already paid for these resources with your $20.00 monthly fee and are now in a virtual world of CREW Credits. No real money is actually changing hands at this point.

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What if I take a few months off from teaching Bellyfit?
Do I still need to maintain my CREW Membership?

Yes. Your CREW Membership is based on a yearly term. If you take time off, and wish to return to teaching you will still need the resources available from CREW to keep up to speed. Perhaps even more than had you not taken time off. While you are off, your credits will continue to accumulate and will be available to you when you return. If you wish to take time off and are not sure if you will return or not, you may wish to discontinue your membership. Please keep in mind that if you discontinue your membership for more than 6 months, you will be required to complete the BFIIT again before registering as a CREW Member. The only exception to this rule, would be pregnancy, at which time we would expect to receive a phone call and would discuss details in person.

How do I register as a CREW Member?
Visit: http://bellyfit.ca/crew/crew-registration
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Current Instructors


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Terms and Conditions

Trainee Requirements

Trainees are required to have access to a computer and high speed Internet to access essential training and practice resources. Read more on our FAQ.

Instructor Requirements

All Bellyfit instructors are required to have access to a computer and high speed Internet to view and download instructor resources via the CREW site. 

In order to teach paid Bellyfit Classes, instructors must register for and maintain an active CREW account. Read more on our FAQ.


Full refunds less a $75 administration fee will be issued only within 24 hrs of registration and payment.

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Cancelation Policy

If a trainee is unable to attend the course that they have registered & paid for, they must notify the Bellyfit Training Team at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) with their clear intentions.


Transferals may be made without penalty if the date of request is more than 4 (four) weeks prior to the course date. If a trainee requests a transferal within four weeks of the course date, they will be charged a $75 processing fee.

  • Transfer to another training date
    A trainee may transfer their registration fees to another training within 12 months provided there is space available in the course.
  • Transfer registration to another person
    A trainee may transfer their registration to another person to take their spot in the currently booked course.

Please note: Bellyfit makes no guarantee that there will be another BFIIT course in the same venue or city within 12 months. Trainees who choose to transfer their registration may be required to travel to the closest training within the 12 month period.

BFIIT Gift (Bellyfit Elements & E-book)

If you purchased the Bellyfit Elements videos (digital or physical DVDs) OR the E-Book before registering for the BFIIT, no refunds will be provided. The resources are gifts for BFIIT registrants and have no dollar value as such.

Health Disclaimer

Due to the potentially intense physical, emotional, mental and spiritual nature of the BFIIT (experience varies from participant to participant), anyone who has had any serious physical, emotional, mental or spiritual trauma prior to the course must consult with a health practitioner prior to attending. This applies particularly to anyone who has experienced a Hysterectomy, a hip replacement or serious trauma to the abdomen.

Instructor Policy

Each Bellyfit Trainee is responsible for completing the post training steps toward offering classes. It is important that you read all of the BFIIT FAQ and inform yourself of industry requirements in your region. Bellyfit is considered a specialized certification and other certifications may be required by various facilities. Failure to comply with this Instructor Policy at any time may result in revocation of Instructor Status.

*registrations made prior to the most recent update of these terms & conditions shall be treated using the version of these terms that the trainee agreed to when registering.

Banner Babes

Congratulations! You made it to the Banner Babes page, and we are so glad you did.

2009 Banners

Graphics by Sijay James of OnBeyond media: http://www.onbeyondmetamedia.com/

Klavdia Zykova
Jennifer Ann Ziebart McIntyre
Maureen Roland
Ella Caitlin Sokolosky
Maureen Roland
Kiyoko Marton & Tomiko Marton Collins
Monique Salez
Shakti Shardia
Hope Campbell
Klavdia Zykova
Hope Campbell
Leanne Zdebiak-Eni
Adia Kapoor
Marion Selfridge
Christine Umbach
Patti-Jo Halliday
Mary Lee Jetko
Loukia Giatsios
Tannauz Rahimpour
Shakti Shardia
Jennifer Ann Ziebart McIntyre

These 17 fabulous women are Bellyfit Participants (women who attend regular weekly classes), Bellyfit Trainees (women who have participated in a BFIIT), Bellyfit Instructors (women who teach regular classes) and/or Bellyfit Master Trainers (women who teach the BFIIT). Above all they are beautiful, empowered Goddesses who are living, breathing, shimmying proof that the Bellyfit System can make you feel great in your skin and inspire you to live your greatest life.

We chose these hot babes because they have shown dedication to their own well being by showing up week after week, fully present in body, mind and spirit. They are all actively engaged in supporting and building their communities and are committed to the health of their families and their world! NONE of them have experience in front of a lens, but when we put the music on and said go!, they absolutely amazed us!! Their natural, honest beauty shone through and they strutted their stuff with grace, humility, integrity and a healthy dose of attitude and sass!

These women represent not only the diversity of Bellyfit Babes across Canada, but also the diversity of all women, across the globe. We trust you will find their answers to “Because of Bellyfit…” not only entertaining but inspiring as well.

We are grateful to all 17 of them for their support of Bellyfit. Thank you ladies…you are such an inspiration to so many, and here’s to many more years of fabulous shimmies and deep, deep breaths. Namaste.

Participant - Hope Campbell

Country of Origin: Jamaica Occupation: Retired, Adoring grandmother of 3 beautiful children, dedicated to fitness both in body and mind, and a keen gardener.

...I am learning to get in touch with both body and mind and keep my core muscles in good condition. I am very aware that good muscle tone is the answer to having a good posture and preventing spinal injuries. Bellyfit classes are quite challenging for me and I love how the movements are graceful and flowing.

Participant - Tomiko Marton Collins (on the right)

Country of Origin: Japan Occupation: Enthusiastic Environmental Education

...I have learned how to set my intention, something that is mad transferable. I am exploring having fun with my body and am enjoying the all the sexy ways I can move. I have met some awesome women who inspire me with their power and beauty.

Participant - Kiyoko Marton (on the left)

Country of Origin: Japan Occupation: Self proclaimed fitness enthusiast, avid outdoor adventurous and traveller, committed youth activist

...I feel empowered and in tune with my body in a new way, and to be honest quite sexy:)

Participant and Trainee - Adia Kapoor

Country of Origin: India/Canada Occupation: Dedicated yogi, rising starlet, and human resources professional

...I’ve found joy in exercising and an escape from the gym routine. I get excited about exercise and can’t wait to do more! I’ve found my abs – and they are beautiful! I get to listen to good music, learn some fun movement, and sweat to a beat! I get a complete workout without even thinking about it!

Participant and Trainee - Klavdia Zykova

Country of Origin: Russia Occupation: dancer at heart, make up artist

...I know that happiness is within me and I can reach it whenever I dance.

Participant and Trainee - Tannauz Rahimpour

Country of Origin: Iran Occupation: Health Researcher

...I am inspired to be the best I can be with all life’s challenges and to keep dancing to express my joy and gratitude for being me amongst the oceans waves of eternal changes.  khodahafiz!

Participant - Maureen Roland

Occupation: A Vixen, Hair Stylist that is! and an enthusiastic and loving mother of a four year old daughter.

...I am more confidant and fluid with my movements. I have learned to feel comfortable and confidant with my body and to appreciate my uniqueness. I am able to live in the moment and focus on me.  I enjoy being a woman and relish this feeling. I can unleash my inner dancer while achieving a wicked workout!

Participant - Loukia Giatsios

Country of Origin: Greece Occupation: Experienced salon and spa owner, organic coffee entrepreneur and growing real estate investor

...I feel strong, powerful and feminine. I stay focused on my spiritual and physical goals, continuously growing and pushing myself to reach my full potential.

Participant and Trainee - Marion Selfridge

Occupation: Outrageous outreach worker, NIA teacher, Brave and bountiful burlesque performer Country of Origin: N/A

...I have an amazing mentor in all things aerobic!

Instructor - Patti-Jo Halliday

Country of Origin: N/A Occupation: Dedicated Mother and Grandmother, Enthusiastic Fitness Promoter!

...I have learned the power of my pelvic floor and the Chakra connected to it. My body is strong, proud and confident. Our (my participants and myself) spirits come alive and connect because of Bellyfit and together we can appreciate who we are as women. Being aware of our pelvis’ makes us understand what is in there - regardless of the fact it may have been removed, it’s spirit is still there and that defines us. I think Bellyfit stimulates the hearts and health of all women.

Pariticipant - Mary Lee Jetko

Occupation: Resident Care Attendant Country of Origin: Japan

...I believe in myself and have regained my girlish figure.




Instructor - Ella Caitlin Sokolosky

Occupation: Dedicated Mother and Wife, Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher, founder of Mindful-Yoga.

...women are inspired to move their bodies in ways that feel amazing. We are encouraged to open our hearts to love. Self-Love is liberation. Freedom to be truly unique. Bellyfit brings forth our core, our feminine power. I feel gratitude as I experience a room full of women collectively being empowered, feeling joy, choosing health. Our body is our temple. With Bellyfit we are dancing and singing in our own beautiful temples. Bellyfit is a gift for women.

Participant - Christine Umbach

Occupation: Future successful entrepreneur/stylish and Bellyfit Instructor

...I found the life I want to live.

Instructor and Master Trainer - Monique Salez

Occupation: funky flamenco dancer, sassy singer and weaver of words, mother, lover, sister, seeker, shaker, feeler, giver Country of Origin: France

...I have found my bounce and now move with a stronger heart.

Participant and Trainee - Jennifer Ann Ziebart McIntyre

Occupation: Expert Communicator

...world peace is possible in my lifetime. I am awake.

Instructor and Master in Training - Leanne Zdebiak-Eni

Occupation: Business Proprietor and Fitness Professional

...my body moves the way a woman’s body should move: with confidence, strength, fluidity and grace.

Participant and Trainee - Shakti Shardia

...I am traveling down a glowing path towards a bright and healthy future full of fun, love, learning and awesome women.  I feel charged up and excited about everyday. Thanks to Alice’s vision and the hardworking bellyfit team. I can’t imagine a life now without bellyfit. it has brought me through a very hard segment in life and I now feel envigorated and positive about my healthy future. Bellyfit has changed my life, my body and my outlook. I feel joyful, in control and I can’t imagine a life without bellyfit. Because of bellyfit I am a more vibrant happy person who looks forward to each day and each class with absolute joy. Because of bellyfit I have been able to take control of my life and get stronger and feel more passionate about everything I do.

Media Coverage

More coming soon.


We will have a wide array of blogs available here from our Empowerment team, and guest writers. We might even feature our instructors blogs down the road- so stay tuned for that!


Friends of Bellyfit


We place a lot of value around community, be it our global Bellyfit community, or the communities that each of our Bellyfit instructors are creating in their geographic areas with their class offerings.


Here are some of our archived newsletters. If you want to get on our newsletter list, please signup for it here.

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Quick Tips

Lists of stuff.


At Bellyfit Headquarters, we are committed to empowering women through movement, music, community, culture AND information. Information is power, and as women who are concerned about our own health and the health of our families, we are well aware that there is a lot of information available out there, some of it truth, some of it not. Over the next few months we will begin rolling out articles, links and more top ten lists. Our goal is to offer information that is specifically tailored to you as a woman, just like the Bellyfit class is, and to help you feel more in control when it comes to your own health and the health of your family. Stay tuned and look for more great information coming soon!



Hi there! You've caught us while we're in transition. 

After 7 years of training exceptional women all over the globe to teach Bellyfit® classes, we're now evolving and going digital.
In Spring of 2015 we'll be launching one of the most cutting edge, revolutionary online fitness training certifications the industry has ever seen. We're so excited!

And YES, we will be applying for CEC accreditation from fitness, dance and Yoga orgnizations around the world.

Check back here in a few months to get all the details and join us on our mission to empower and inspire women through holisitic movement and community.

We look forward to seeing you soon. 


What is Bellyfit?

Bellyfit is the evolution of Holistic Fitness for women.

We all share a desire to make this planet a better place and we must begin within. Our lives can be stressful, busy, demanding and challenging, but we know that we must take care of ourselves first if we are to be of service to others. For our families, our communities and our world, we want to help you take care of yourself, so you can be the best, strongest and healthiest woman you can be, and have fun at the same time!

Bellyfit is the Holistic Fitness experience for women that blends the power and wisdom of ancient cultures, with the research, technology and trends of the modern world. It is designed to connect you to the deep, primal feminine within, while helping you find strength to deal with modern day stress.

Bellyfit Instructors are trained to deliver a class that offers a full body, full of spirit, extraordinary exercise experience, offered in a safe, effective group fitness format. Each class is a seamless fusion of movements inspired by the science of Western fitness, the style and beauty of Cultural Dance and the power of spiritual practices & philosophies from the East.

In the first half hour of the class, burn mega calories, relieve stress and get the sweat flowing with fun, easy to learn cardio moves infused with the ancient and beautiful fundamentals of Belly Dance, Bollywood, Bhangra, African Dance and more. During the second half of the class, enjoy sculpting, toning and tightening with Pilates inspired core work, a deep yet relaxing Yoga inspired stretch and mindful Mudra Meditation. Be inspired and motivated by high energy electronic beats, fused with culturally rich ethno-organic sounds and melodies, and experience an hour that inspires the body, the mind, the spirit and the heart to reach beyond limitations and into pure transformation.

Our Development Team includes some of the very best in the Dance, Fitness and Mind/Body Wellness Industries. Together they have created a system that offers accessible, long-term health benefits to women of all ages and stages. Whether you have two left feet, are a professional dancer, just getting into fitness, a seasoned athlete, or somewhere in between, you will be inspired by the beauty, diversity and power of the moves and mantras, and experience a fabulous workout whether it's your first class or your 100th! As a mind/body/spirit system, Bellyfit helps you care for your entire being in a holistic, safe and highly effective manner, leaving you feeling strong, ready to thrive in your world and ready to make your world thrive.

Who created Bellyfit?

Bellyfit is continuously being evolved and expanded by a team of Fitness and Dance professionals and choreographers, MInd/Body Specialists, Kinisiologists, musical visionaries and dedicated participants. The original concept was brought to fruition by dancer, entrepreneur and visionary Alice R. Bracegirdle. (see her bio)

Where and when did Bellyfit Start?

Bellyfit began as 'Ab-Fab Fitness' in a small rural community in Ontario, Canada in the fall of 2003 with a class of 15 women who had never danced before, and an instructor who had a vision.

Do I have to be a dancer to take a Bellyfit class?

NO. The whole point of Bellyfit is to offer the many benefits of Holistic Fitness to women of all walks of life, all ages, shapes, sizes and fitness levels who are not dancers, but who want to reap the many health benefits available through the movement and the music.

I am a professional dancer, can I benefit from Bellyfit?

YES. Because the movements are based on the foundation moves of a variety of cultural dances, dancers who attend Bellyfit love it. Instead of focusing on complex choreography, costume details, and precision movement, they can get a great cardio workout, an intense core workout and a deep stretch and relaxation, all of which enhances their dance practice and performance even more!

What are the benefits of Bellyfit?

The benefits are many, and may include:

Body Benefits

  • a great cardiovascular workout
  • weight loss, particularly in the abdomen
  • a strong, sculpted core
  • stronger thighs and buttocks
  • healthier, stronger back
  • leaner arms and shoulders
  • better, taller posture
  • better balance, focus and coordination
  • detoxification through a cleansing sweat
  • improved digestion
  • less menstrual tension
  • greater full body flexibility
  • improved breath awareness and grace of movement

Mind Benefits

  • a stronger mind/body connection
  • greater self esteem
  • improved ability to deal with stress
  • learning to calm the mind and be present in your body
  • feeling safe and motivated in a non-competitive environment
  • understanding the fundamentals of Cultural Dance without having to learn complex choreography and deal with performance anxiety

Spirit Benefits

  • have a whole lot of fun and feel fulfilled
  • build community by connecting with other women who also want to have fun and improve their fitness level
  • be inspired by the beautiful and empowering way your body can move
  • be uplifted and feel great in your skin
  • be energized and ready for the next challenge in your life
  • learn about the Chakra System as it relates to your body
  • breathe deeply and feel lighter
  • feel feminine and sensual, yet powerful in a non objectified way
  • enjoy a musical journey designed to enhance your experience and open your heart
  • be grateful you have choices and are free to move as you wish
  • be inspired to be the best woman you can be

Can I take a Bellyfit class if I am pregnant?

Bellyfit is not recommended for pregnant women unless they have been taking Bellyfit classes consistently for at least 6 months prior to conception and have permission from their doctor. Any pregnant woman in her third trimester is not permitted to participate due to hyper mobility in the joints, in particular in the hips and pelvic region. Bellyfit pre and post natal is currently in development and will be available in the future.

Can young girls from age 10-17 take a Bellyfit Class?

Bellyfit is not designed specifically for teens, but if they have the consent of their guardian they are welcome. Bellyfit is an intense cardio aerobics class with core work and stretching specifically for the mature female body and there are some aspects that may be too complex and fast moving for young girls, but it will not be dangerous for them.

What are the benefits of Bellyfit as opposed to a traditional high/low fitness class?

The benefits of a standard high/low group fitness are many, including improved cardiovascular conditioning, improved coordination and muscle tone, relieving stress and having fun, to name a few. For anyone wanting a good cardiovascular workout, improved strength and flexibility, a high/low class will do the trick. For those wanting a more mind/body/spirit approach, Bellyfit may be the answer. Bellyfit follows the tried and true class format, foot patterning, and rigorous guidelines of today's current group fitness industry standards, but by using Cultural Dance as our foundation for the cardiovascular component, Pilates for the strength component, and Yoga for the flexibility and relaxation component, we are offering a class that is on the cusp of modern research, development and demand.

As opposed to focusing on the feet, legs and arms which is typical in most high/low classes, the cardiovascular component of Bellyfit emphasizes the fluid movement of hips, abs, spine and shoulders, giving you many benefits you simply won't get with linear stepping. By incorporating the basic elements of many powerful disciplines, a single Bellyfit class offers an incredible workout that is rooted both in ancient wisdom and precision fitness, with a modern approach that may heal and empower the body, uplift the spirit and open the heart. All with a healthy dose of feminine sensuality, fun and celebration thrown in.

How many classes do I have to take before I stop thinking about the moves and really start feeling them?

Most women who attend regular group fitness classes will pick up on the foot patterns right away. The addition of the hip movements and the different arm positions may take a bit longer, but the participant will still get a great workout on the first class. Anyone who is new to group fitness may take a few classes to catch on. Like any new form of movement, there is a slight learning curve, but usually by the third or fourth class the participant is well on her way to Bellyfit Bliss.

Where does the Bellyfit music come from and why is it so special?

Music is the heart and soul of the Bellyfit class experience. All the music used by Bellyfit Instructors is compiled and mixed by our CTO; producer, DJ and musical visionary Rowan Sentesy. DJ Rowan sources music from phenomenal musicians around the globe creating Bellyfit Compilations of the very best ethno-infused techno, tribal rhythms and relaxing ambient tracks available in today's Ethno-electronic Music Industry. These tracks bring an energetic component to each class that is essential to the unique success of the Bellyfit Experience. From the beginning of the class to the end, the expanding and evolutionary realm of Ethnic Fusion is designed to take you on a powerful journey of personal transformation.

The sonic landscape you will hear in a Bellyfit Class is unlike any other you will ever experience in a group fitness situation. Be inspired and motivated by high energy tribal beats, find relaxation and mental calm with culturally rich ethno-organic sounds and melodies, move beyond thought, and experience the evolution of fusion. Our latest compilation is now available for sale from the Bellyfit Shop.

What is Bellyfit Live?

Bellyfit Live is when a Bellyfit instructor teams up with a DJ and/or a live drummer to offer a 'live', extra long Bellyfit class. The energy created by the live mixing of tracks and live drumming adds an incredible energy to both the instructor and the participants, creating an experience that goes beyond a workout and into the realm of community celebration and unity.

Currently, Bellyfit Founder Alice Bracegirdle and Bellyfit CTO DJ Rowan offer Bellyfit Live at various locations on Vancouver Island. Any Instructors and DJs interested in teaming up must contact the Bellyfit Music Department to discuss details and downloads. Bellyfit Live is at the cutting edge of Holistic Fitness and will continue to challenge the distinction between celebration and exercise. We look forward to Bellyfit Live expanding to include more Instructor/DJ/drummer teams. It is a truly incredible experience!

What are Chakras and how do they relate to a Bellyfit class?

"Chakra is a Sanskrit term meaning wheel. Chakras function and relate within the systemic suite of the human bodymind. The philosophical theories and models of Chakras as systemic vortices of energy were identified through the existential mystical practice of yoga in Ancient India where they were first codified." Wikepedia

In a Bellyfit class, the warm-up and cool down moves are all categorized according to the 7 Chakras. These moves are designed to bring participants awareness to the Chakras and the muscles that are associated with them, thereby balancing and energizing the entire being. When the Chakras are balanced, the body is balanced. When the body is balanced, the being is balanced and health and beauty will naturally result.

Why are men not encouraged to participate in Bellyfit classes?

The space created by your Bellyfit Instructor is intended to be safe and completely non-intimidating. For many women, being in an environment of women is not only a welcome and energizing experience, but also a rare one that is greatly appreciated. You are free to shimmy and shake as you wish without any unnecessary self consciousness or fear of judgment. This same philosophy stands for many women only gyms and is very effective.

I want to take a Bellyfit class, where do I start?

I want to be a Bellyfit Instructor, where do I start?

See the Bellyfit Instructor Training page.


The Elements

The success of the Bellyfit class format is in the fusion. Specifically chosen, complimentary elements come together within the framework of a traditional group fitness class. In one hour, participants experience a journey that truly is a seamless blending of the ancient and the modern. All in an easy to follow, super fun and seamless routine. Read on to learn more about the special elements that have been chosen for the Bellyfit System, and we’ll be sure to let you know if we add more! Flemenco, Hip Hop or Martial Arts anyone?

Precision Fitness

Every Bellyfit class has a Mantra of safety, effectiveness and fun. We believe these are the three key points that will ensure the success of our participants. The element of precision fitness is mainly responsible for the first two keys: safety and effectiveness. Rooted in precision fitness, the “Aerobics Class” experience has changed tremendously since its conception in the 1980s, but the fundamentals have remained the same because they have been successfully designed with safety and effectiveness in mind. The format of the class, beginning with a warm-up, moving onto cardio, transitioning through cool down and moving onto strength and stretch are all key elements that you will see in every Bellyfit class. To add even more fun and the innovation of Mind/Body/Spirit awareness, we have also added a few other key elements that will make your experience even more fabulous and fresh.

Belly Dance

Some call it the dance of the Goddess, some the dance of the Earth and still others, the first dance that ever was. Whatever you choose to call it, or whatever you believe its origins to be, modern women the world over are flocking to this beautiful and empowering form of movement. They are reaping its many benefits; physical, spiritual, mental and emotional, and the wave of interest has no end in sight. Belly Dance is here to stay and through Bellyfit, its’ many benefits will be safely and easily accessible to more women then ever before. In a Bellyfit class, our focus is on the celebration of the feminine spirit and the power of movement to free the mind and empower the body. The Belly Dance element allows us to connect to this feminine spirit, taking us deep into our hips and activating the core in a polyrhythmic way like only Belly Dance can. It’s sexy and sensual in a safe and sacred manner.

African Dance

The study of African Dance can take you deep into African Culture and would take a lifetime of exploration to fully understand and appreciate. Bellyfit gives us a taste of this ancient and powerful movement while remaining rooted in the safety of modern, precision fitness. Also, because African Dance is highly athletic and very dynamic, it offers the most opportunity for injury to our often stiff and cold western bodies. As such, it has been modified significantly for the purpose of Bellyfit in order to adhere to our primary consideration of safety while still honoring its’ roots in spiritual devotion and ritual celebration.
In a Bellyfit class, the African Dance element adds a very powerful earthy feel, inspiring a communion with a greater powerthrough the heart and spirit of the movements. It is truly a prayer in motion - invigorating and liberating!


Inspired by the very beautiful and powerful classical dances of India (Bharatanatyam, Odissi, Kuchipudi, Manipuri, Mohiniaattam, Sattriya, Kathakali, Kathak) Bollywood has a unique flavour, grace and mystery that is always changing and evolving with our modern world, yet still connected to the ancient rituals and celebrations of it’s roots.
In a Bellyfit class, the Bollywood element adds a fun, sassy, ethnic richness that compliments the other styles very well with a focus on the precise hand and foot movements, the celebration, fun and a little bit of the drama and attitude.


During the last thirty years, this traditionally male dance performed during harvest celebrations in Northern India, has enjoyed a surge in popularity worldwide, both in traditional form and as a fusion with other styles such as Hip Hop, Reggae and Modern. As Bhangra continues to move into mainstream culture, more and more people will want to experience this powerful high-energy form of movement.
In a Bellyfit class, the Bhangra element adds a feeling of celebration and also a funky, casual groove that really gets the heart pumping. Because it was originally a man’s dance, it also allows the hips to rest as it focuses primarily on the legs, the arms and the shoulders, creating a well balanced experience.


Pilates has become quite a buzz word over the past few years and with good reason. Pilates classes in every style, and form are being offered in fitness facilities throughout the world and people are realizing that there is much, much more to training the core than doing a hundred crunches every day. This is great news and we are happy to be able to adopt some of the fundamental principles of Joseph Pilates’ discoveries into not only the Bellyfit Core on the Floor section but also the Opening Meditation and Cardio sections. Expect to be challenged and inspired, all the while connecting to your breath in a safe and sustainable manner.


And speaking of buzz words, Yoga has now become a household name and with millions of people practicing this ancient art all over the world, it is no wonder so many people are waking up. Every Bellyfit class ends with a flowing stretch sequence inspired by various Yoga postures and philosophy, often specifically tailored to the female body. Our goal is to give participants a full body stretch while allowing them to relax, destress and heal. Experienced Yoginis and newcomers alike will benefit from this gentle yet effective release.

Mudra Meditation

Mudra literally translated means “Seal”. In practical terms, Mudras are hand gestures, or energetic ‘seals of authenticity’ that are designed to connect the practitioner to divine and cosmetic energy. Some Mudras involve the whole body, some just the hands and arms. In a Bellyfit class you may experience various Mudras during various sections, but all will be done with the hands and arms alone. Often a Mudra will be used at the end of the class during the closing meditation to help induce a state of mental calm and focus.

The Musical Landscape

Music is the heart and soul of the Bellyfit class experience. All the music used by Bellyfit Instructors is compiled and mixed by our CTO; producer, DJ and musical visionary Rowan Sentesy. DJ Rowan sources music from phenomenal musicians around the globe creating Bellyfit Compilations of the very best ethno-infused techno, tribal rhythms and relaxing ambient tracks available in today’s Ethno-electronic Music Industry. These tracks bring an energetic component to each class that is essential to the unique success of the Bellyfit Experience. From the beginning of the class to the end, the expanding and evolutionary realm of Ethnic Fusion is designed to take you on a powerful journey of personal transformation. The sonic landscape you will hear in a Bellyfit Class is unlike any other you will ever experience in a group fitness situation. Be inspired and motivated by high energy tribal beats, find relaxation and mental calm with culturally rich ethno-organic sounds and melodies, move beyond thought, and experience the evolution of fusion. Our latest compilation is now available for sale from the Bellyfit Shop.



Below are some words from BFIIT trainees about their training experience.

Read some of our featured testimonial articles.
I never anticipated that I would walk away from the BFIIT feeling like I was brimming with light, love, inspiration and an incredible sense of renewal - as though I have been re-created! What you gave to us was the gift of knowing that we as women, are capable of creating positive change in the world when united and focused. Your message is a powerful one. You have created a fusion fitness format that is effective, fun and safe that also nurtures the soul in a deep and profound way. You have a clarity and focus that is rarely found these days and an intention that is pure. As a fitness leader, you have skills that are professional and polished. Your cueing, flow of movements, execution, energy and safety messages are so flawless and naturally flowing that I can easily say you rank amongst the best of the best that I have seen in the industry over the past 20 plus years. Your attention to detail, course content and preparation were excellent. The course presentation and materials were well laid out, thoughtful and thorough. The Shimmer CD, DVD and promotional tools that Bellyfit provides its trainees with are fabulous. I now have all of the tools I need to make my own classes a big success. Thank you! You have thought of absolutely everything! Namaste!

"Success comes to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams" (unknown)

Sharon Brown-Horton | Lifestyle Director, Bentall Centre Athletic Club, BCRPA Trainer of Trainers, Master Thai Massage Teacher/Practitioner, ITM Chiang Mai, Thailand | North Vancouver, BC

I signed up for Bellyfit training not really knowing what I was getting myself into...I mean, I knew the basic idea of a Bellyfit class seeing clips online but never experiencing a class in person with Alice or any of the other trained instructors. I just followed my intuition and trusted I would figure it all out. Annnnd I did! I left feeling, sexy, rejuvenated, happy, grounded in my body and with a drive to spread the Bellyfit Love in the Squamish and Whistler area to all the women I could find. Alice and team, were all very organized, their energy levels high and clear all weekend. They were all really helpful, and I left the training feeling supported and on the right track. I would recommend Bellyfit to all women, any size, any shape, any age...GO FIND YOUR INNER SHIMMY GODDESS!

Kim Murphy | Yoga/Surf Instructor | Squamish, BC

Movin' and groovin' at its best! Bellyfit has re-kindled my energy and brought joy back into teaching cardio movement classes at 52 years of age. After actively teaching group fitness classes for the past 27 years and yoga and pilates for the past 3 years, Bellyfit infuses all of the delicious mind, body and spirit disciplines I am passionate about and love to teach. This class speaks to my soul!

Life is about learning, growing, evolving and having FUN! Bellyfit is FUN, FUN,FUN and allows the inner playful spirit to unleash! Women today are looking for opportunites to 'let go', sweat with out too much jumping, have fun, discover and learn about our true selves and explore reaching our full potential. Bellyfit is sure to help you along your path!!

The Bellyfit weekend training session (my 2nd time through to be re-inspired and re-affirmed) is one of the best courses and training sessions I have been to. It incorporates opportunity for all women to step outside of their comfort zones. It is organized, informative, educational, fun and a wonderful environment for all women to embrace their uniqueness in a safe environment. Lots of practise time is integrated into the weekend so you leaving feeling like...I can do this with some practise!! Alice oozes with compassion and acceptance to all!

Jan Sloan | Program Coordinator --Bonsor Yoga and Pilates studio for the City of Burnaby | Certified yoga alliance teacher, BCRPA Pilates Mat, Group Fitness, Supervisor of Fitness Leaders, Third Age, Weight Training, Spinning and now Bellyfit instructor | Burnaby, BC

Bellyfit brings together two of my passions; bellydance and fitness in a beautifully designed program that works for women of all ages and sizes. The elegant design weaves together strength, power, intention, meditation and spirituality all together. Our training workshop included all the tools needed to launch us successfully as Bellyfit instructors. I especially enjoyed the meditations on both days and to have a safe space to connect to spirit in a powerful way. I'm excited to bring this moving meditation to others and to weave it into my life as a practice.
Andrea Welling | Personal trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Mom! | Langley, BC

Signing up for BFIIT on a whim was one of the best gut decisions I've ever made! It exceeded my expectations. The group was open, supportive and non-competitive; everyone contributed to an experience that went beyond fitness training. Master Teacher Alice Bracegirdle guided the group through a weekend that was technically solid, fun, encouraging and insightful with an integrity that can only be held by someone who lives what they teach. The training was a fusion of practice, meditation and community in itself. A lot of intelligent design has gone into this system. If experiencing BFIIT intrigues you at all...listen to your belly! I left playfully exhausted and excited!

Melissa K. Kozma | Student | Vancouver, BC

Truly a weekend of inspiration and energy, I discovered more than I ever expected from two full fun packed days of Bellyfit training in an amazing system of empowerment for women! This is a genuine opportunity for any woman who is wanting more out of life...a chance to tap into her own feminine sensuality, strength and potential through a beautiful system created to encourage and empower women to strive to be all they can be! What a chance to have a bold and graceful business with all of the support and nourishment that is otherwise lacking in other small business endeavors. Thank you, Bellyfit, for giving me the chance to shine and make a difference in the world!
Tracey Kehler | Massage Therapist, teacher and writer | Cobano, Costa Rica

I really feel honoured to have been a part of such an inspirational weekend and to be armed with the secrets of Bellyfit. You have created such an amazing place where women can feel safe to jiggle and shake and let go!
Sarah Kistler | ESL teacher, Writer, Aspiring Yogini | North Vancouver

The last weekend's training was an amazing experience. I felt held, empowered and integrated. The effects of the training are not limited to those two days though, it's like they keep unfolding some more everyday, and help me connect better to the Goddess energies. I can't thank you enough to be a pioneer, and to offer your love and support to women. I believe that women have the power to change the world for better, the humanity comes into existence through the womb. So when women are healed and empowered, the whole world benefits.
Setareh Riahi | Yoga Instructor | Burnaby, BC

Thank you again for your commitment, vision, Perseverance and creative force. The bodily intelligence, heart centered, empowering and creative flow of the bellyfit practice is a truly integrated fusion of fitness, wholeness and happiness.

I have taught and studied yoga, Pilates, Martial Arts, and various dance/movement practices.
Bellyfit and the principles it encompasses is an evolutionary, inspired practice. I consider it a priviledge to have the tools and continuing support and guidance from the Bellyfit team as I integrate and prepare to offer this practice to the women of my community.

May we all embody the highest attunement of our magnificent potential as women. May our wholeness, creativity, well being and joy inspire and serve our planet, mother earth, our children, lovers, families, and the divine consciousness calling us forth.

Susan Sheridan | Registered Yoga Teacher | Vancouver, BC

Thank you so much for the incredible, inspirational weekend! The BFIIT Master Trainers are incredible teachers, very professional and personable. A well organized schedule made it easy to stay focused and participate fully. I really felt the instructors were dedicated to each student's success. It was great to have support and encouragement from the other participants as well. That many women in one room, from different backgrounds with a common goal... what amazing energy! I love knowing I will have continuous online support through CREW.
People everywhere, women in particular, are shifting gears, raising awareness and living consciously. I love that Bellyfit promotes the mind/body/spirit connection. It certainly is a great workout, but it's more than that. It's refreshing to infuse the dance moves into fitness, renewing the spirit and strengthening the body. It just feels right!
This training is just the beginning... a transformation is taking place and I'm proud and excited to bring Bellyfit to my community!
Shari McDowell | Mommy, Cosmetologist, Bellydance Instructor | Representing the Midwest United States in IOWA! Yeah!

I just wanted to let you know how much I LOVED the Bellyfit training. The Master Trainer was seriously amazing. It was definitely a life changing weekend for me! I'm really excited about Bellyfit in general. The more I practice at home the more I love it. You are blessing so many women by creating this workout. Including the entire mind, body, spirit is going to change how women look at fitness!!! I'm sure you know that already, but I hope you can feel all the gratitude and excitement coming your way smile

I really do feel like new doors have been opened for me and I'm looking forward to seeing where this all takes me. Blessings to you!
Anita Perry | Mom, Massage Practitioner | Rola, BC

Thanks again for such an inspiring weekend at BFIIT. I had been looking forward to it, since the previous August when I attended your session at Can Fit Pro in Toronto. It did not disappoint, in fact, I came away from it, having gained so much more than I expected.

Aside from the beautiful moves and entrancing music, I was consumed by the spirit of empowerment that radiated throughout our weekend. So many unique women, all with a different reason for gravitating to Bellyfit, came together and shared in the beauty of the "divine feminine" (your words, but I love them). I found that so powerful and I drew from that energy.

I am just bursting to share this fitness system with my community and empower the women around me to honour their beauty, work with their bodies towards better health and most importantly feel good about themselves. Bellyfit 'fits' so perfectly into my own thoughts and beliefs on fitness and health, I just love how it is beautifully gift-wrapped into a one hour class format...

I was clearly searching for something new in my life, and Bellyfit is the spark to a flame that I have since been fanning. It has renewed my passion for learning and I am thrilled to see where I go from here. Thank you for your inspiration!
Vanessa Higgott | Account Manager | Thornton, ON

Thank you for a most incredible weekend!! The Bellyfit training was more than I could have ever imagined. You have shared your dream and in giving it away to others have made it even bigger. You are an amazing young woman. Rooted in the wisdom of the past, grounded in the magic of the moment. You are a role model for us all. I value your integrity and sincerity of purpose. It is an honour to be a part Bellyfit.
Liz Moore | Teacher and Group Fitness Instructor | Nanaimo and Parksville Qualicum, BC

I have been truly blessed as I have participated in 3 of the BFIIT instructor courses. And each time it has been a valuable learning experience to my transformation and evolution as a woman and as a CREW and Bellyfit Instructor. Bellyfit set a banquet full of information and tools that is warm, inviting, concise and non-intimidating for every participant; leaving us satisfied and confident to teach/preach the Bellyfit mantra in our homes, communities and the world. Whether you plan to teach Bellyfit or just have greater understanding of the Bellyfit system and why it is set apart from other fitness courses….BFIIT is for you!
Kathy Dodds | Pilates Instructor/Group Fitness Instructor/Supermom | Nanaimo and Parksville/Qualicum

Feeling beautiful, inspired and protected within a group of unique and glowing women elevates my self-confidence. I learned that you should appreciate the body you’ve been given and being happy with yourself.
Axinia Doering | Dr. phil. nat, Postdoctoral Fellow | Calgary, AB

I have always been the kind of person who focuses on the outcome, rather than the process. What I learned this weekend is that for me, Bellyfit is a journey, there is no finish line. It is a movement, growing and evolving, as is mankind, and specifically women. What lies ahead will involve hard-work and commitment, but when we believe in something, the task seems much more inviting. What Alice and the Master Trainers gave me were the tools and the foundation in becoming a Bellyfit instructor. More than just the steps, they taught me the spirit behind the movements, and most importantly to always honor myself, my body and my spirit...and lastly to get out there and practice, so I can share this truly awesome gift with other women!

Stephanie Bourigault | office administrator | Pender Island, BC

I just wanted to say that the weekend was amazing! I learned so much more than I thought I was going to. It was truly a great experience. Thank-you for everything! I am excited to spread the joy I get from doing bellyfit! I just have to master it now! I will keep in touch! Thank-you again.

Alanna Danielle | Interior Designer | Vancouver, BC

Wow! Thank You again! I just feel so great after this weekend. It was an incredible transformation in such a short period of time! I noticed it in some form in all of us. I hadn't realized how profound the experience would be for me! It is comforting for me to feel so connected with all the women that were there and I feel left with a stronger connection with all the women around me and in the world! It is very empowering to know, really know, that we are not alone. I am so grateful that you brought us together and shared your wisdom with us.

Sarah Oliver | Yoga Instructor | Victoria, BC

I attended the training weekend in Moncton, NB at Nubody's. It was amazing and i'm pretty proud of myself for doing it. I was the one who "doesn't like to exercise" Now I've learned to love exercise...as long as it's bellyfit style!
The program is wonderful as it's such a great combination of dance and music and really being able to be free with your body and let yourself move...and it really does make me feel more graceful in my usually clumsy body!!
I also can't say enough about the other ladies who shared this with me. They are great people and I am so glad I met them all.
I hope to always hold onto the excitement that was generated that weekend..and walk tall and strong knowing that I am not alone but have a whole country of Bellyfit believers backing me.

Sherry Kelly | Office Administration Clerk | Colpitts Settlement, NB

The Bellyfit Instructor Training was effective, professional and inspiring! I loved the dance-infused moves, the overall concept and the supportive online community (CREW). Our Master Trainer's emphasis on participant safety, correct form and technique, cueing, core strength and above all, FUN, made the course great. I benefited from the range of experience of my fellow participants as well - they had such diverse and amazing backgrounds. I'm looking forward to taking the next step and being able to offer this truly effective and fun fusion fitness class in my area.

Karen Colpitts | Project Manager | Saint John, NB

What can I say about the BFIIT Course? It was so much more than I expected. I had such a great time and I am convinced Bellyfit has the potential to transform lives. I can’t wait to introduce all my clients to this innovative and holistic group fitness class. Thank you, Alice. You are an inspiration, and I am so proud to be a part of the Bellyfit team. Representing from The East Coast… Holla!!!!

Jeanette Pearson | Entrepreneur | Moncton, NB

We really put our mind/body connections to the test during the training. From warm up, to ending meditation our Master Trainer took us step by step though each section and each movement breaking everything down. I was really impressed with her confidence and knowledge, but most of all with her patience and understanding for each and every participant. She really tried to give each student some of her attention at some point in the workshop. If there was any constructive criticism there were always lots of positive comments to soften the blow.

Tina Wagner | Mom/Belly Dance Instructor/Tea Specialist | Grande-Digue, NB

Bellyfit was truly a whole workout, mind, body and spirit. I absolutely loved it! Sweat through the whole thing, can’t wait to share it with other women.

Melissa LeGresley | Shediac, NB

Bellyfit was a refreshing and truly holistic application of physical fitness for women. It will be a joy to teach!

Michelle White | Certified Group Fitness Leader | Moncton, New Brunswick

Monika Walker

Monika Walker

"The Bellyfit training weekend was absolutely transformational for me. I emerged feeling a deeper connection to my body and spirit, a profound appreciation for the practice, and equipped with all the necessary tools to move forward with an empowering, uplifting and effective leading edge fitness class. The master trainers and production team were professional, organized, experienced and supportive. I drew strength and inspiration from the women who came together for such a powerful cause with shared intent. Alice's vision for Bellyfit transcends the standard physical fitness program, encompassing the empowerment and evolution of body, mind and soul."

Monika Walker | Active Meditation Teacher & Group Facilitator, School Administration | Vancouver, BC

Lara Kirkpatrick

Lara Kirkpatrick

"The BFIIT training was incredible! The encouragement, respect, and support from the Master Trainers throughout the weekend is a perfect example of why I want Bellyfit to be part of my life. I also had lots of fun meeting and learning with the other trainees. Imagine being in a room full of women working to empower themselves and the people around them…it was an uplifting experience! I was excited about Bellyfit before the BFIIT training, but since then I'm even more motivated. The "hands-on" aspect of the training, such as the group work, really made a difference. Alice and the other Master Trainers were so approachable that all my questions were answered and the support I've received since the training has been fantastic. I highly recommend the BFIIT training as an opportunity for both professional and personal growth."

Lara Kirkpatrick | College instructor/bellydance performer & instructor | ,

Taiya Curle

Taiya Curle

"Bellyfit is a BLAST. The teacher training course was a great amount of information on fitness, dance, business and how to blend it all together to help make women and the world stronger. The teaching techniques are clear and strong. It helps both teacher and student to feel they are where they belong. Belly fit is so very fun, such a balancing and creative fitness, you will love it."

Taiya Curle | massage practitioner, Reiki Master teacher, chakra bellydance instructor and performer | Victoria, BC

Beata Van Berkom

Beata Van Berkom

"My son is becoming a teenager. His needs are changing and my role is shifting. Where did the years go ? Who am I now? Bellyfit has given me the opportunity to reclaim my self at this transition time back into my self. After raising a child to this point I have undergone many changes, physical as well as spiritual. Training to become a Bellyfit instructor has given me back that strong healthy youthful me while supporting my newly 'cultivated through mothering' self confidence and power. The rhythmic movements and flowing sequences provide an uplifting and strengthening exercise routine that leaves me feeling alive and energized. Sharing Bellyfit with my friends and my community is the next stage in my journey. The responsibility to provide an excellent fitness option, as well as a routine to keep my self healthy, is inspiring and challenging. I am excited as I begin not only a new business opportunity, but a fuller realization of the quality of my life and the lives in my community."

Beata Van Berkom | Med Lab Tech/Speaker/Actor/Writer | Saskatoon, SK

Tamara Logan

Tamara Logan

"My Bellyfit weekend with you, your master instructors, crew and all of the women taking the course was LIFE CHANGING. I am a single mom, a pole dance instructor, and have always seen myself to be a powerful woman. The weekend, and especially the mediation made me realize I am, and can allow myself to be, the softer side of being strong and powerful. We are many things, if only we allow it. Bring on the Divine Feminine!!"

Tamara Logan | Instructor/Educator | Kelowna, BC

Patti-Jo Halliday

Patti-Jo Halliday

"I am excited to be a part of the Bellyfit Movement, and happy that I was a candidate who is able to teach it! The reasons to participate are simple! Physically and medically: As women age they are confronted with the worry of gravity on their bodies. On the outside which we can all see on ourselves as well as inside. Incontinent, weak pelvic floor, poor posture because of the lack of abdominal and back strength. Mentally and spiritually: Confidence, self-assuredness and the natural nature that women usually have to want to move to music. The music is tribal and earthy and capable of uplifting women as well as grounding them."

Patti-Jo Halliday | Trainer/Instructor | Ladysmith, BC

Heather Holdener

Heather Holdener

"What a wonderful way to spend a weekend! This training gave me so much joy, passion and excitement for Bellyfit, that I now sleep, eat, and breath Bellyfit! I went into this training having been to one Bellyfit class and the video form the website, so my only expectation was to be able to teach Bellyfit, and I am well on my way. I was so impressed with the quality, detail and information that went into the manuals, music and videos. Alice and Rowan, along with the master trainers, and the 20 women from around the world, were so knowledgeable, supportive and hilarious. I feel so honoured to be a part of such an amazing experience. "

Heather Holdener | Bellyfit Instructor, Neat Freaks Aromatherapy House Cleaning Service | Nelson, BC

Alice’s Vision

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Well hello there!! Thanks for stopping by. 

We're going through some really BIG and BEAUTIFUL changes here at Bellyfit Enterprises Inc. and we're super excited to share all the details with you...really soon.

If you are interested in joining hundreds of other pioneering women who are already teaching Bellyfit®, Bellyfit Flow™ or Bellyfit Sage™ in their communities around the world, that's fabulous! Thanks so much for your interest and we would be honoured to welcome you to our amazing CREW™.

After 7 years of delivering 2 day, in person Instructor Training Courses in over 12 countries, we're making the big leap and GOING DIGITAL. In Spring of 2015 we'll be launching one of the most cutting edge, revolutionary online fitness training certifications the industry has ever seen. We're so excited:)
Big things are happening and we're proud to be the world's leading authority on Holistic Group Fitness for women. 

So...stay tuned for updates coming soon and in the meantime, please join our mailing list here so we can be sure you don't miss the big launch!
And if you want to get started practicing right away, you might want to check out our Bellyfit Elements™ DVD series here: 

Thanks again for your intersest, and stay tuned.


It looks like another busy year for the Bellyfit Training Team. They are well prepared and looking forward to each one of the upcoming weekend courses. Since 2007 they have logged over 700 hours of training and have had the honour of meeting many incredible women who are now teaching across Canada. They look forward to training many more this year.

The Bellyfit Instructor Initiation and Training (BFIIT) has evolved tremendously and is now an incredibly fun, inspirational and educational 20 hour weekend course. We are confident that you will come away from the BFIIT with much more than you expected, and with the inspiration to take Bellyfit to the women of your community.

Please see the list below for a BFIIT near you. Register soon, spaces are filling fast.

Instructor Training

Bellyfit® is the myth busting, bootie shakin' workout designed by women, for women.  
It's time to unleash your inner Goddess, love your body and let your authentic beauty shine!

Well hello there!! Thanks for stopping by.

We're going through some really BIG and BEAUTIFUL changes here at Bellyfit Enterprises Inc. and we're super excited to share all the details with you...really soon.

If you are interested in joining hundreds of other pioneering women who are already teaching Bellyfit®, Bellyfit Flow™ or Bellyfit Sage™ in their communities around the world, that's fabulous! Thanks so much for your interest and we would be honoured to welcome you to our amazing CREW™.


Online Course is in development


After 7 years of delivering 2 day, in person Instructor Training Courses in over 12 countries, we're making the big leap and GOING DIGITAL.

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In Spring of 2015 we'll be launching one of the most cutting edge, revolutionary online fitness training certifications the industry has ever seen. We're so excited:) Big things are happening and we're proud to be the world's leading authority on Holistic Group Fitness for women.

So...stay tuned for updates coming soon and in the meantime, please join our mailing list here so we can be sure you don't miss the big launch!
And if you want to get started practicing right away, you might want to check out our Bellyfit Elements™ DVD series here:

And please feel free to keep on reading to learn more about Bellyfit® and how it is changing women's lives around the world every day...


Holistic Innovation

Belly Dance, Bollywood and African Dance inspired moves, Pilates based core training and Yoga infused stretches put Bellyfit on the cutting edge of Holistic fitness for women. We have created an easy to learn, safe, effective and fun workout that satisfies women's desire to feel beautiful, strong and healthy. By bringing movement from some of the world's most spiritual and powerful places into the familiar and comfortable environments of today's fitness industry, you will learn how to create an experience that offers ancient wisdom with a modern approach and benefits that go far beyond the physical!

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Are you a Fitness Instructor?

Looking for a fresh, new, holistic class format to offer your participants?

By adding Bellyfit® classes to your schedule, you’ll be able to offer your existing participants a fresh new exercise experience, and also guarantee that you continue to attract new participants who are looking for a more integrated, mind/body/spirit workout. But don’t be fooled, just because the Bellyfit format has an holistic approach, doesn’t mean we sacrifice the sweat, the burn, or the fun! Bellyfit offers a safe, effective, kick-ass workout that is completely unique from other dance-fitness classes on the market, and with our online support system called CREW™ http://www.bellyfit.com/training/what-is-crew , you will have constant access to new choreography, music and marketing tools! We’ve got you covered, so you can focus on what matters most ~ offering great classes that will ensure participants show up week after week!


Are you a Belly Dancer?

Looking for a fresh, new fitness class that is inspired by Belly Dance and other cultural dance forms?

Bellyfit® is not trying to be Belly Dance. We’ll leave that to the pros ~ you!
What Bellyfit offers is a fitness class that is inspired by cultural dances such as Belly Dance, African Dance and Indian Dance (Bollywood/Bhangra). We’ve taken great care in honouring the roots of these beautiful art forms while making them safe and accessible to all women. As a cross training option for professionals and students alike, Bellyfit offers an integrated, mind/body/spirit workout that is completely unique in the fitness and dance landscape. What does this mean? It means that your students can still enjoy the art of dance, improve their performance, AND get a great workout that makes them feel amazing about their body and their life.  And don’t worry about the choreography...with our online support system http://www.bellyfit.com/training/what-is-crew , you will have constant access to new choreography, music and marketing tools so you can focus on being a fabulous instructor and having fun while getting fit!

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Are you a Zumba Instructor looking for a new class format to add to the party?

Although Bellyfit is not all about the party, it is a celebration ~ and it is a tonne of fun! Many of our instructors are already offering both Bellyfit and Zumba classes on their schedule, and they tell us that they complement each other very well! For your participants who are looking for a class that has more of a mind/body/spirit approach than Zumba,  Bellyfit fits the bill, and don’t worry, even though our format has an holistic approach, we haven’t sacrificed the sweat, the burn, or the community feel. And with our online support system http://www.bellyfit.com/training/what-is-crew , you will have constant access to new choreography, music and marketing tools! Zumba started the party, we’re here to help keep it going.


If you’d like to host a workshop in your area, please contact us!

Bellyfit Live™

Expand your fitness experience.

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Bellyfit Live™ is when a Bellyfit instructor teams up with a DJ and/or a live drummer to offer a ‘live’, extra long Bellyfit class. The energy created by the live mixing of tracks and live drumming adds an incredible energy to both the instructor and the participants, creating an experience that goes beyond a workout and into the realm of community celebration and unity.

Currently, Bellyfit Founder Alice Bracegirdle and Bellyfit CTO DJ Rowan offer Bellyfit Live™ at various locations on Vancouver Island. Any Instructors and DJs interested in teaming up must contact the Bellyfit Music Department to discuss details and downloads. Bellyfit Live is at the cutting edge of Holistic Fitness and will continue to challenge the distinction between celebration and exercise. We look forward to Bellyfit Live expanding to include more Instructor/DJ/drummer teams. It is a truly incredible experience!

See our Classes/Workshops page to see where Alice and Rowan are offering Bellyfit Live™ next!




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The Bellyfit System is designed for women of all ages, stages, sizes, and levels of ability. All Bellyfit Instructors are trained to teach to the beginner, the seasoned athlete and everyone in between. She will give you levels of intensity and impact, and layers of movement to choose from. You decide how hard you want to work.

A typical Bellyfit class is one hour. You can expect to start the class with a 4 minute guided posture check and opening meditation, then 35 minutes of cardio, cool down and isolations. You will then take your shoes off and transition to the floor for Pilates inspired core work and a flowing Yoga inspired stretch. You will finish with a very brief closing Mudra Meditation.

Be sure to bring appropriate gym shoes as the first half of the class does require shoes. Lots of water, and a Yoga mat are also recommended!


Bellyfit is being offered at many fine facilities around the world.
Some of the listed facilities may not be currently offering classes, or the class information may not be up to date.


Every day, Bellyfit® is bringing health and vitality to thousands of women around the world.

Bellyfit® is the world's leading Holistic Fitness System for women. We are dedicated to serving the needs of women in body, mind and spirit. With hundreds of instructors currently certified to teach Bellyfit® in cities and towns across North America and Europe, Bellyfit is now moving thousands of women every day toward a more balanced, joyful and inspired life. 

About Us

Our Team

The Bellyfit Development Team is comprised of many very skilled and passionate individuals. Every member of this team is dedicated to serving the highest good on Planet Earth, and having loads of fun at the same time! Please read below to learn more about these talented pioneers.

About us

Our Story

Bellyfit® is based on one simple fact that holds true for all women.
When we move our bodies, we feel happier, healthier and more beautiful.
Knowing this truth, we've made it our mission to move women in a way thay helps them feel strong, sexy a sacred. 
We're deeply honoured to have hundreds of certified Bellyfit® Instructors in over 15 countries representing our brand and sharing the movement of Bellyfit® with thoudands of women every day.

Meet the Team

Alice Bracegirdle
Alice is our Founder and a lifelong movement maven.
From the early days of making up dance moves in the park beside her house, to being the creative vortex of the Bellyfit® Enterprises Inc., Alice understands the power of movement to heal and transform the female body and soul. At age 25 she became a single mom on welfare battling depression, exhaustion and substance abuse.  Witnessing the negative effect this was having on her two year old daughter, she was spurred into action and slowly reclaimed her love of dance and music.  After several solo dance 'sessions' in her bachelor apartment, her self-worth, confidence and energy began to return. Over time, her fave movement styles of Belly Dance, Fitness nad Yoga began to synthesize into a 'structure' and both an Entrepreneur and a Movement were born. Alice now holds too many movement certifications to name that include dance, Yoga, Pilates and more.  She now manages a Team of 10 people and supports a CREW of hundreds of certified Bellyfit® Instructors around the world. Alice believes more than ever that every woman has the potential to feel strong, sexy and sacred in her body and her life, through movement that is holistic, accessible and inclusive. 

Rowan Sentesy
Rowan is our Co-Founder and the musical genius behind the mission. 

Andrew Dodd
Andrew is the man behind the lens. He makes Alice look pretty and ensures that you have as many opportunities to move with us as possible! 

Tamara Logan
With love in her heart and sparkle in her soul, Tamara seeks to move and inspire those around her. Described as “sparkly” and energetic,  her training includes Bellyfit®, Poledance for Fitness, Groove Method™, BCRPA Fitness Theory, Weight Training and Group Fitness modules as well as 500hr Yoga Teacher Training with the South Okanagan Yoga Academy and a variety of workshops and teachers throughout the years.  Bellyfit® found its way into her life in 2007 when she met Alice Bracegirdle and Rowan at lululemon on their first “tour” with Bellyfit®.  She attended the first ever teacher training in November 2007 (and 2 more subsequent trainings after that) and began teaching with full heart in 2009. She has been a Master Trainer for 4 years, and is honoured to have taught throughout Canada, with a visit to the US and Norway, which sent out Bellyfit® instructors to Germany, Denmark and Italy. 
Tamara is honoured, and excited to be a part of YOUR Bellyfit® experience, to guide and inspire you to greatness in your own life! “No matter what kind of a day I've had, Bellyfit® ALWAYS makes it BETTER!” 


Heather Holdener

Heather has a warm, gentle grace and calm about her, yet stands fully in her own power and strength. She has been a dancer all her life, from figure skating to fire spinning, to discovering Bellydance in her early 20's.  In 2005, Heather faced a major health crisis, which lead her further down the path of health and wellness, and ultimately to Bellyfit. In 2007, Heather attended the first ever Bellyfit Training. She then went on to get her BCPRA group fitness leader certification, and now teaches, Bellyfit, Bellyfit Flow and Bellyfit Sage in her community.  There are not many things in life that one can really stand behind and be proud to be a part of, but for Heather, Bellyfit is it. By embracing the strong woman in herself, it has allowed her to help other women to do the same. Over the past 9 years, Heather has helped over 200 women, tap into their own feminine expression, while achieving better health. If your travels ever take you to Nelson, BC, Canada, stop in and check out one of her many classes. 


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