Our Story

The Beginning

Bellyfit began out of one woman’s need to reclaim her personal power and bring health and vitality back into her life. In 2003 in a small town in rural Ontario, Bellyfit Founder Alice Bracegirdle was a single mom on welfare battling depression, exhaustion and poverty. Seeing that her lack of health was having a profound effect on the well being of her two year old daughter Shalom, she knew a change had to be made.

Alice knew that the key to regaining balance was within her, and that no one could save her but herself. So she looked to the only resources she had ~ movement, music, mindfulness and community! In her tiny apartment one icy Winter’s day, Alice slipped a CD into her stereo and let the music guide her. Despite three years of not moving her body, within a few minutes of listening to the beat, her body’s memory of being a Dancer, Fitness Instructor and Yoga student started flooding back. As she moved her body, her energy also began to move and after a few days of groovin’ in her living room, life all of a sudden seemed a whole lot brighter. With this new outlook on life, Alice could now see clearly how women’s health and the health of the world are undeniably interconnected. She knew she had to keep moving, not just physically but emotionally, spiritually and mentally as well…the world depended on it.

At this same time, Dj and Music Producer, Rowan Sentesy entered the picture and Alice knew he was the perfect musical inspiration for her movement passion. Over the next several months Alice’s expertise in fusing fitness, Dance and women’s spirituality came together with Rowan’s expertise in selecting and compiling deeply inspiring electronica and the first incarnation of Bellyfit was born.

Like all great things, the Bellyfit System continues to evolve and now includes inspiration not only from Belly Dance, but also from Bollywood, African Dance, the foundation principles of Yoga, Pilates and Energy Medicine. The Bellyfit Soundscape has also evolved since the good ol’ days in Alice’s apartment, and now offers a musical experience that is quite literally unparalleled in today’s fitness industry.

Now the CEO of Bellyfit, managing a Development Team of 15 people and supporting a CREW of hundreds of certified Bellyfit Instructors, Alice believes more than ever that every woman has the potential to be truly balanced, joyful and radiantly ALIVE, through Holistic Fitness and positive thought.

Welcome to the Bellyfit® Movement. We’re so glad you stopped by.

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