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Love how you feel!

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Love how you feel!

Your self confidence should not be determined by the size of your thighs or the width of your waist.

We don't believe you need to get skinny, 'trim' your waist and become small. We believe you need to get happy, healthy and clear. We want to help you achieve your optimal health and well being so you can rock your life and feel amazing! Obsessing and worrying about our size and our weight steals our energy, saps our joy and kills our spirit. Our holistic, body lovin' approach takes the focus off inches and pounds and places it on our overall health, happiness and longevity. We think that's pretty smart and we hope you do to.

Our Mission

We're replacing the message that "all women should aspire to one idealized body type" with, "all women deserve to feel fabulous in a body that is healthy, fit and free." Our mission is to disrupt the way the mainstream fitness industry misrepresents, falsifies and limits the diversity and the natural beauty of the female body.

Alice Bracegirdle

Bellyfit® Co-Founder & CEO

Who We Are

We’re a global community of likeminded, passionate women and we’re fiercely committed to redefining what healthy, fit and beautiful really look and feel like. Thanks for stopping by! We look forward to meeting you and moving you.

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Change the world.

If you're ready to teach a holistic program that lifts women up, gives them a phenomenal workout and helps them reprogram their relationship with their body, then this is the format for you. With just the right amount of sweat, strength and soul, we connect women to the power and energy that they already have inside of them and help them generate even more!

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What our instructors are saying

Karina Morin
Vancouver, Canada

I love this system because it supports and encourages women to find their sensuality while having fun in a non-judgement, safe environment. The music is amazing, the movements feel amazing and natural on the body and you don’t really notice that you’re ‘working out’....which is a BIG plus in my books! It has also ‘saved’ my lower back and diminished the chronic pain I was experiencing!

Chaitali Kohli
Mumbai, India

I always wanted to lose weight and post pregnancy it’s difficult to do so immediately. I read up about Bellyfit® and found the holistic approach very interesting. I feel connected to the message of Bellyfit® and that’s what's most important to me. I want to share this program with as many women as I can! Because of this revolutionary system, I now love my body! Thank you Bellyfit®!!

Angee Lebrun
London, UK

I teach Fitness, Dance, Zumba, Pilates and now Bellyfit®! What motivates me is seeing others feeling happy and good in their skin and this is what Bellyfit® is all about! Bellyfit® aligns perfectly with my main goal of steering women towards the belief that outer beauty is nothing without inner beauty; the luminous light shining bright within.

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